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Honda launches fully electrified e:N brand 5 new cars unveiled-IT and traffic

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On the evening of October 13th, at the Honda China’s electrification strategy conference, Honda China officially released the new pure electric vehicle brand “e:N” and the new intelligent and efficient pure electric architecture “e:N Architecture”. 10 pure electric models have been launched in the Chinese market. At this press conference,The first batch of “e:N” series production cars: Dongfeng Honda’s e:NS1 special edition and GAC Honda’s e:NP1 special edition have the world premiere. These two pure electric vehicles will be launched in the spring of 2022. .


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In addition, three concept cars have also made their global debuts: the second bomb e:N Coupe concept of the “e:N” series, the third bomb e:N SUV concept, and the fourth bomb e:N GT concept. The mass-produced version of will be available in the next five years.

It is reported that in the future “e:N” series products will also be exported to overseas markets. Using this conference as a starting point, Honda has opened a new chapter in China’s transformation towards electrification brands, and is striving for a new era of electrification.

From the appearance point of view, Dongfeng Honda e: NS1 and Guangqi Honda e: NP1 special edition models all adopt Honda’s new electric design language. The front slender headlights are connected to the polygonal closed center grid, and the car logo in the middle can also be lit. With a sporty front surround, it is very futuristic in appearance.

In terms of intelligence,Both new cars are equipped with the latest full-stack intelligent control ecosystem e:N OS, which combines Honda SENSING 360 intelligent driving assistance system and Honda CONNECT intelligent guidance interconnection system, with natural and smooth AI voice assistant, car-home interconnection, and energy management , OTA online upgrade and other functions.

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In terms of power and endurance, e:NS1 and e:NP1 are equipped with “e:N Architecture F” pure electric architecture. The new car will provide front drive motors with two power specifications of 134KW and 150kW. The power battery uses a ternary lithium battery with a maximum cruising range of more than 500 kilometers.

It is reported that,The new “e:N Architecture F” pure electric architecture integrates a high-rigidity pure electric vehicle special frame, a three-in-one high-power motor, and provides three drive modes: front drive, rear drive and four-wheel drive. The control program of the motor is integrated up to 20,000 More scene algorithms.

In addition to the above two models, Honda also released three concept cars, e:N COUPE concept, e:N SUV concept, and e:N GT concept. The new car adopts the brand-new e:N Design design language, and the sharp body lines bring unprecedented impact and agility to the whole car, highlighting the sense of the future.

Honda said,The launch of electrified models will be further accelerated in the Chinese market. 10 pure electric vehicles will be launched in the next 5 years. All new models launched in China after 2030 will be pure electric and hybrid models, and no new fuel will be introduced. vehicle.


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