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Hong Kong stocks review | Hang Seng Index rose 0.55%, game stocks rose, NetEase rose more than 4%, power stocks, coal stocks fell sharply_ 东方 Fortune.com

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The Hang Seng Index closed up 0.55%, the Hang Seng Technology Index rose 0.56%, game stocks rose, power stocks and coal stocks fell.AlibabaA rise of more than 5% led the rise in the constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Index,NetEaseRose more than 4%,China Resources PowerChina Coal EnergyFell more than 12%.

  Hong Kong Stock ConnectOn the one hand, today’s Hong Kong Stock Connect (Southbound)Net inflowIt is 3.62 billion yuan.

  Individual stocks

Tencent rose 2.29%. The company announced in the early morning of October 8 that the non-deleting test will start at 10 am on the 8th. Download channels include the official website of “League of Legends Mobile Games”, handheld League of Legends, major game centers or mobile app stores. .

Fruit chain faucetAAC TechnologyFell more than 12%.AAC TechnologyLatest releaseprofit predictionannouncementIt shows that in the third quarter of this year, the consolidated net profit attributable to owners of unaudited companies is expected to fall to between RMB 166 million and RMB 210 million, which is a decrease of approximately 51% to 61% compared to the third quarter of 2020.

EvergrandeHengteng NetworkIt continued to rise in the afternoon and closed up 16.44% to HK$2.62.Evergrande MotorRose more than 2%,Evergrande PropertywithChina EvergrandeIs still inSuspensionmiddle.

  NetEase-SRose more than 4%, according to the Sensor Tower store intelligence platform,NetEase“Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic” was launched in early September, SeptemberNetEaseMobile game revenue increased by 38% month-on-month and 26.2% year-on-year.

  In terms of sectors

Power stocks continued to decline in the afternoon,Huaneng InternationalElectricity closed down 10%,China Guangdong Nuclear PowerFell 8.84%,Datang PowerFell 8.97%.Huaneng InternationalA-shares and many other stocks have the limit of falling,Datang PowerA shares followed the decline.

Coal stocks fell collectively,China Coal EnergyFell nearly 13%,Yanzhou Coal IndustryFell 11.1%,China ShenhuaFell 6.53%.News, insideMongolia EnergyThe bureau stated that the nuclear increase in coal mine production capacity is indeed a matter, and the part of the increase in production can be applied for conversion to permanent production capacity.

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  Today’s news

  Interface news:In response to the “Emergency Notice of the Energy Administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Accelerating the Release of Part of Coal Mine Production Capacity” circulating on the Internet,Mongolia EnergyRelevant personnel of the bureau told reporters that relevant documents were indeed released. The document requires relevant departments to notify the 72 coal mines that have been included in the national nuclear increase potential list to temporarily organize production according to the planned nuclear capacity increase, with a total nuclear capacity increase of 98.35 million tons. The above-mentioned staff said that the current production increase measures are temporary. The relevant coal mines can organize production according to the monthly average distribution of the annual production capacity after the nuclear increase. However, the relevant coal mines can apply for the nuclear increase according to the procedures for the nuclear increase. After approval, they will be converted to permanent production capacity.

  CCTV News:The US Senate has agreed to extend the emergency debt ceiling until early December. On October 7, local time, Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, announced that the Senate had reached an agreement to extend the emergency debt ceiling until early December. The agreement would prevent the U.S. government from in mid-October. There was a default on the national debt.

  ChinafundReport:Today, the first batch of selected stocks of Beijing Stock Exchange ushered in 5 stocksIPO subscription, Respectively are Jinhao Medical, Guangzi International, Henghe Shares, Haixi Communication, and Guangmai Technology.It’s worth noting that the selected layers of the New Third BoardMake a newThe payment is different from the main board and the science and technology innovation board. The subscription funds need to be paid in full.AllotmentAfter the amount is confirmed, the overpayment will be returned, and there will be two transaction days between the payment date and the refund date.

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  China Securities Journal:The second phase of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Fund was formally established, with a total scale of 100 billion yuan. On October 7, the inaugural meeting and unveiling ceremony of the second phase of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Fund Co., Ltd. was held in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It is reported that, in accordance with the overall plan of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Fund approved by the State Council and the key tasks of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission for the reform of the capital operation company in 2021, China Chengtong will establish several parallel funds with local governments and central enterprises in a market-oriented manner, with a total scale of no less than 1,000 The second phase of the billion-dollar National Adjustment Fund. This fund is the third “Guo Zihao” fund initiated and established by China Chengtong entrusted by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

  China Business News:China at the end of Septemberforeign exchange reservesReported to US$3200.6 billion, a decrease of US$31.5 billion from the end of August and a decrease of 0.97% from the previous month.

  Market view

  Standard Chartered: Hong Kong stocks first low and then high in the fourth quarter

Leung Zhenhui, head of investment strategy at Standard Chartered Hong Kong Wealth Management, said that China’s regulatory and deleveraging measures will continue. Investors have to adapt to this environment and are still not optimistic about the trend of Hong Kong stocks in October.

However, since the fourth quarter is the peak season for the traditional stock market, and most of the negative factors have been reflected in the third quarter, Liang Zhenhui does not rule out that Hong Kong stocks will still have a chance to rise before the end of the year, showing a pattern of low first and then high in the fourth quarter. Liang Zhenhui said that the tightening policy of the United States should be interpreted as confidence in economic recovery, which is beneficial to medium and long-term market conditions.

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Liang Zhenhui believes that the performance of the stock market in the next 12 months will be driven by earnings, but the increase is expected to be less than that of the previous 12 months. The earnings growth of US stocks may slow down, but they remain strong. Infrastructure plans have further raised the earnings forecast for US stocks. Liang Zhenhui said that rising U.S. debt yields will have an impact on technology stocks, but the impact is not as strong as regulatory policies. In the short term, we are still bearish on technology platform stocks and have greater confidence in old economic stocks, including industrial stocks and energy stocks.

  China Industrial Securities Global Strategy: Counterattack at the bottom of Hong Kong stocks

First, the central bank and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission have recently emphasized maintainingreal estateThe healthy development of the market. The systemic risks that had previously been feared by Evergrande overseas are being falsified. Housing mortgage loans are expected to accelerate. The subsequent Hong Kong stocks and property stocks are expected to stabilize and rebound, which will help stabilize expectations.

Second, dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water. Considering that the low valuation of Hong Kong stocks has already reflected the downward pressure on the economy in advance, the chances of Hong Kong stocks falling deep and rebounding will gradually increase once the policy becomes looser.

Third, Sino-US relations may be expected to ease in stages in the short-term. Based on the subsequent improvement of China’s economic policies and the increasing pressure of “stagflation” in the European and American economies, the risk appetite of overseas funds for Chinese assets is expected to begin to improve in the middle and late October.

Fourth, in October, overseas stock markets may adjust risks or disturb. However, unless a small-probability event that causes a crisis due to a sharp spike in the short term occurs, Hong Kong stocks will be shocked and not dangerous, and will have a “safe haven” effect.

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