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Honglida: Third-quarter net profit increased by 28.67% year-on-year, and shareholder structure was further optimized

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10moon25Day and night,Grace2 disclosed021yearthird quaterreport.The three quarterly report announcements,GraceDemonstrated a very dazzling performance to investors. Its third-quarter net profit has exceeded that of last year’s full-year net profit, and its cash flow from operating activities has improved significantly year-on-year.

Specifically,Realize operating income787 millionYuan, year-on-year increase15.34%; Realize the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company328 millionYuan, year-on-year increase28.67%; Realize the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company after deducting non-recurring gains and losses267 millionYuan, year-on-year increase6.55%Cash flow from operating activities was -94 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 64.81%.

Core products have a competitive advantage Smart pole switchUnanimously praised by the market

GraceThrough continuous research and development and upgrading,CurrentlyproductSeveral iterations of upgrades have been completed.GraceAdhering to the concept of continuous iterative innovation, combined with advanced communication technology, we provide power users with new products with more diversified application scenarios.

In the traditional power industry, the market concentration is low, and the homogeneity of products is serious. For the new type of smart distribution network equipment, the development is more difficult, the manufacturing process is more complicated, and it has a higher technical threshold. With the development of the intelligent distribution network, the market has further increased the informatization and intelligence requirements of the switchgear and automation equipment of the distribution network. At the same time, power system customers also require products with high safety and reliability.

GraceCompared with the same industry, our products have certain competitive advantages. Its core product, the smart pole switch, realizes the integration of traditional electrical machinery equipment with sensing equipment, communication equipment, and control equipment, as well as the integration of hardware equipment and edge computing technology. It has high fault research and judgment accuracy, accurate fault location, and fast and efficient fault isolation. Etc.

As for the long-term technical problems in the industry, such as improving the accuracy of low-current ground fault research and judgment,GraceThrough research and development, its products have broken through the technical difficulties of transformers, realizing sensors to replace transformers, and at the same time greatly improving the accuracy of low-current single-phase grounding fault research and judgment.

In the first half of the yearGraceCombine country 5GAnd Beidou Communications’ strategic direction, launching based on 5GOne and two deep integration of intelligent pole switch with Beidou communication

It is understood that 5G/Beidou/Fiber Optic Smart Pole Switch ProductsWith many highlightsfor exampleFurther innovate the core technology of ultra-low power consumption, and build the optical fiber communication module into the intelligent controlleralso,Shouldproductand alsoAccurate positioning, support 5GFull band,andSupport seamless upgrade of field equipmentthis productCan also be applied to 4GAreas with poor coverage or operator wireless signals, especially remote mountainous areas, islands and other inconvenient areas.

specialIt is worth mentioning that,this productAfter the online application, the problems faced by customers have been effectively solved, and the users have been unanimously praised.existInconvenient transportation and poor wireless signal of the operatorArea, the productIt effectively solves the problems caused by the harsh on-site environment, inconvenient traffic and poor wireless signal.

The shareholder structure is further optimized, and the attention of institutional investors has increased

In terms of the number of shareholders disclosed, the number of shareholders in the semi-annual report was 11,149, and the number of shareholders disclosed in the third quarterly report was 8,049, and the number of shareholders was reduced by 27.81%. And the number of institutional investors has increased significantly. From the perspective of the top ten tradable shareholders, tradable shareholders have changed from natural persons to public offerings.

For example, China-Europe Value Smart Return Hybrid Securities Investment Fund, Guolian Ann Fund China Pacific Life Stock Relative Return (Insured Dividend) Single Asset Management Plan and other public offering funds are all 7 public offering fund products.GraceNew tradable shareholders. The number of shares held by the top ten tradable shareholders increased from 2.43 million shares in the semi-annual report to 4.42 million shares in the three quarterly report. The shareholder structure has been further optimized, and shareholder holdings have also been significantly concentrated.

It is worth mentioning that from the perspective of the entire third quarter, the frequency of surveys by reception institutions has increased significantly. Large public funds such as Penghua Fund, Ping An Fund, and Huatai Baoxing Fund have all appeared on the survey list. Institutional investors are more concerned about the impact of energy storage policies on the company, the company’s smart pole switch competitiveness and business development.

Grid investment tilts towards the distribution network GraceOne and two fusion switches will benefit

It is understood that the transformation of the distribution network is the key construction task of the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is estimated that the total investment in the power grid during the 14th Five-Year Plan will exceed the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Experts said that with the rapid increase in the proportion of fluctuating power sources such as photovoltaics and wind power and the rapid growth of power demand, the demand for energy storage installed capacity with instantaneous and flexible adjustment capabilities will usher in a concentrated outbreak. It is estimated that by 2025, China will realize the transformation of new-type energy storage from the initial stage of commercialization to large-scale, and the installed capacity will reach more than 30GW, which is a substantial increase compared with the installed capacity of 3.27GW at the end of 2020.

Products on the power distribution network will be more digitized and intelligent, and the demand for smart terminal equipment will further expand.GraceThe first and second fusion products belong to them.

GraceThe first half of the yearInnovatively integrate optical fiber communication into intelligent control terminals, and further integrate advanced communication technology with the intelligence of the distribution network, forming a foundation based on 4G、5GA complete product line of smart pole switches with one and two in-depth integration of advanced communication technologies such as, Beidou, and optical fiber.

GraceThe core product smart pole switch short circuit fault research and judgment accuracy rate is more than 99%, single-phase ground fault research and judgment accuracy rate is 90%, and reclosing accuracy rate is close to 100%.CurrentlyGraceThe product line that has been formed includes products that are suitable for voltage levels such as 20kV and application scenarios such as Beidou and 5G communications, and realize 5G communications and deep integrated ring network cabinet applications, which can meet the new needs of the market.

It is worth noting thatGraceIn response to the newly released technical specifications of the State Grid, the primary and secondary deep integrated switch products have been upgraded with excellent research and development levels. Its product design has been higher than the high precision, high reliability, and high environmental adaptability required by the new technical specifications of the State Grid, and the internal verification of samples has been completed.

Industry insiders said that withGraceWith continuous investment in core products, the competition barriers of its own products will continue to be strengthened, and there will be a stronger competitive advantage in the market in the future.


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