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Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition Review Honor Magic_Sina Technology_Sina.com


With the continuous innovation of smartphone technology and the gradual emergence of new demands from consumers, folding screen mobile phones have become popular in the past two years. As a powerful manufacturer in China’s mobile phone industry, Honor once again updated its folding screen product line and launched the Honor Magic Vs series. We also released the evaluation video of the Honor Magic Vs Standard Edition on the 23rd, you can check it out. However, in addition to the standard version, the Honor Magic Vs series also has a high-end version – the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition. Today we will take a look with you.

appearance design

The appearance of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition is really grand and textured, especially the Phoenix Feather Gold color version. The design of the back panel is very simple, with a light gold base and a wavy texture on it, presenting an elegant and luxurious texture.

In the design of the camera module, the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition continues the previous generation’s “three-body star ring” design, which looks full of high-end and highly recognizable, and the camera lens module of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition The group uses hyperboloid glass, which reduces the convexity of the camera lens from the visual effect, and the overall look and feel is more coordinated and elegant.

In terms of feel, the weight of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition is only 265g, the folded thickness is 12.9mm, and the unfolded thickness is 6.1mm. Such thinness and lightness are quite excellent in the field of folding screen mobile phones. In the past, we always felt that folding screen mobile phones were heavy and tiring, but the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition gave us a brand new experience and greatly improved the portability of folding screen mobile phones.

It is worth mentioning that the hinge of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition adopts a new self-developed “Luban hinge” with a 0-gear design. It uses the mortise and tenon integral molding process, and the parts of the supporting structure are reduced from 92 to 4. Not only is there no noise when opening and closing, but it also realizes multi-angle hovering.

screen performance

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The external screen of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition is a 6.45-inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The screen ratio is 21:9, which is very close to the traditional bar machine. This also makes this folding screen phone look more harmonious, without making people feel that the proportions are strange. In fact, when we use a folding screen mobile phone, the frequency of use of the external screen is very high, even higher than that of the internal screen. Therefore, the ratio and refresh rate of the external screen are very important in my opinion. At this point, the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition does a really good job. In addition, the outer screen of the Master Edition still uses 3D nano-glass ceramics, which greatly improves the drop resistance.

After unfolding the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition, you can see the 7.9-inch inner screen. The resolution of the internal screen is 2272×1984, reaching the 2K level, and the refresh rate is also a high refresh rate of 90 Hz. The AR optical film of the screen reduces the reflectivity of the screen by 71%, and can achieve more transparent and clear effects in various scenes such as watching videos and playing games.

What surprised me the most is that the inner screen of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition supports a stylus, which makes this folding screen phone fully have the attributes of a tablet. Using the included stylus, we can take notes, draw pictures, and graffiti on the inner screen of this phone, which greatly enriches the usage scenarios of folding screen phones. The function of global annotation allows us to annotate on any screen and in any scene, which is convenient for us to record important ideas and share our ideas with others.

(global annotation function)

In terms of dimming mechanism, the internal and external screens of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition use 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. With ultra-high frequency, it reduces the human eye’s perception of strobe and reduces eye fatigue under long-term use.

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software experience

In terms of software experience, this Honor has also brought us many new features. First of all, what impressed me the most is the “breath awakening” of the voice assistant. In the past, when we woke up the mobile phone voice assistant, we needed to speak the wake-up word first to wake up. With the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition, you can just pick up the phone and speak to the microphone at the bottom without saying the wake-up word. This greatly improves the efficiency of using voice assistants, and also avoids the “embarrassment” of waking up voice assistants in public places.

In addition, the split screen and floating window display functions of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition are also very good. Swipe the small horizontal bar at the top to the left or right to split the screen, and swipe down to realize the application floating window. This kind of interactive logic and triggering method is intuitive, fast and convenient, allowing us to make better use of the display area of ​​this large screen.

battery life

The Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition is equipped with a large battery of 5000 mAh, which may be the folding screen mobile phone with the largest battery capacity at present. The official claims that it can achieve 12.6 hours of large-screen video playback, 17.3 hours of large-screen reading, and 13.1 hours of large-screen navigation. This level of battery life is no problem for one-day use.

In terms of charging, this phone is equipped with a 66-watt super fast charge, which can charge 46% in 15 minutes and fully charge in 47 minutes. After eating a meal, the mobile phone can quickly return to blood.

hardware performance

In terms of performance, the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform, and the processor uses TSMC’s 4nm process. I believe that everyone is familiar with this processor, and its overall performance should not be underestimated.

In addition, Honor also uses the self-developed GPU Turbo X to make the scheduling of the mobile phone’s GPU, NPU, and CPU more efficient, ensuring better performance and lower heat generation while ensuring the image quality of the game. Play games with this mobile phone, the picture is fine, the operation is smooth, and it is not hot.

For the signal performance that everyone has been paying close attention to, the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition is equipped with a wrap-around antenna layout design, which greatly increases the radio frequency area of ​​the antenna. With Honor’s self-developed LINK Turbo X technology, the signal performance of this phone is very good, even in an environment like a basement, it can have excellent signal performance.

camera imaging

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The Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition is equipped with a three-camera combination of main camera, wide-angle, and telephoto, which is very practical. The main camera is IMX800 CMOS, 54 million pixels. The telephoto lens is 8 million pixels, supports 3x optical zoom + 30x digital zoom, and also has OIS+EIS dual anti-shake. In addition, the 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle/macro lens supports 122-degree ultra-wide-angle and 2.5cm AF super macro. I believe that such a camera configuration can bring us an excellent camera experience.


Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition, as the latest folding screen flagship mobile phone launched by Honor, has excellent comprehensive product capabilities. Thin and light feel, excellent external screen ratio, full support for stylus on the internal screen, coupled with super battery life, not only demonstrates Honor’s innovation in the field of folding screens, but also makes Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition the current choice in my mind. The most powerful folding screen mobile phone. So what do you think of this phone? Welcome to interact with the editor in the comment area~

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