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Honorary degree for Bonaria, the guru of test machines

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Honorary degree for Bonaria, the guru of test machines

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Luciano Bonaria’s contribution to local development thanks to the use of new technologies, a multi-decade activity that earned the Piedmontese entrepreneur the award of an honorary degree in Engineering by the Turin Polytechnic.

Bonaria is the founder of Spea, Systems for electronics and automation, one of the world leaders in the niche of test machinery for electronic systems, from mobile phones to car circuits to sensors of all kinds.

The official motivation cites «the outstanding contributions in the field of mechatronic engineering as a designer of innovative test equipment for electronic boards and circuits, as well as as founder, managing director and president of the Spea company, leading the company over the years to a of global technological leadership in the field of testing machines for electronic circuits and systems».

In his Lectio Magistralis Bonaria illustrated the fundamental role of ‘testing machines’ in verifying the safety of equipment such as microchips, MEMS, sensors or batteries that play a fundamental role in our daily lives.

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