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How do iPhone 13 users choose 4G and 5G packages? -Communication Technology-5G

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In the past few days, users who booked iPhone 13 have already got their phones one after another. For Apple users all the time, iPhone 13 can be said to be a generation product with good signal and comprehensive 5G support. So the question is, China‘s 5G is so fragrant, how to choose a package? To make a long story short:Don’t move if you already have unlimited packages.

There is a saying that for operators, old users are not as good as dogs, and new packages are always more affordable than old users’ packages. There is one exception. In 2014, the three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom launched unlimited packages in order to attract 4G users. Specifically, it is a monthly rental fee of 99 or other amounts per month. You can enjoy 20G or more high-speed traffic every month. After the traffic is exceeded, the speed will be reduced to 3G network. This package is now available for 5G, so it is very cost-effective.

Do not change the unlimited packages of major operators

I believe that many people may still have this package now. I want to remind you that if you are this package, then you must not change it, because now the new package does not have unlimited data. As soon as the high-speed data is exhausted, the network will be disconnected. The package is constantly on the Internet, and to be honest, the 3G network is not used by anyone, so although the speed limit is 1M, the speed experience is also okay. If you can’t see the video, it won’t delay the chat.

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Mobile 4G 5G package comparison

4G packages are no longer cost-effective

In the 2G era, mobile government services, group phones and other services are very cost-effective, including the advantages of mobile signal coverage at that time, so until today, mobile users have always been the most. Now take the package of Beijing Mobile that can be found on the Internet as an example. At present, the flow of 4G package is about 30-50G. The price is not limited if the flow is not limited, but if it is limited (depending on the local policy and rules) ), it is better to upgrade to 5G.

The 5G package can be processed at a lower price

But when it comes to 5G, you will find that only family packages are available on the website, that is, package packages to send fixed-line fiber broadband, or multiple people share the data in a package. But in fact, there are still individual packages available, and the price can be lower than the price in the picture. For example, the 128 yuan of the entry version can be lowered from 40 yuan to 88 yuan per month, which is equivalent to lowering the cost and raising the price. The flow of the package.

How to choose Telecom Unicom

Telecom and China Unicom, originally one family later divided the river to rule, but now they have penetrated each other’s territory. For example, there is also Telecom in the north and Unicom in the south. If you choose service quality, then it must be China Unicom Southern Telecom. This is undoubtedly. But if you choose cost-effectiveness, you have to go the other way. Both parties have great discounts on the other side.

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But why put these two together? Because in order to reduce investment, the two actually have a cooperative joint construction mechanism. Telecom and China Unicom are often a base station and two services, so the signal coverage is basically the same, so you can understand it? In fact, sometimes three operators share a base station, and the base station belongs to the tower company.

Therefore, the choice of service or benefits depends on your personal choice.

Unicom 4G 5G package comparison

To be honest, the package given by the author is only online. If you go to various business offices in the same city to inquire and communicate with your account manager, the results may be different. The reasons for this may not be discussed. . Because the three operators have cancelled the roaming charges and the traffic inside and outside the province, in theory, you can buy packages from any place, as long as the price-performance ratio is high enough. But now many places have introduced restrictive measures, which means that users from other provinces are no longer allowed to take advantage of the loopholes, and the province’s ID card is required to enjoy the local preferential spending packages.

Telecommunications in Liaoning

China Unicom in Guangdong

For example, this telecom package that can only be processed online, the original price is 199, but the online only costs 139 yuan a month, the traffic is 60G, and the call time is 1000 minutes. The set meals are exactly the same.

It is more cost-effective for new users to bundle fixed-line networks

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For new users, you can now also consider the fixed-line and mobile-bundled packages mentioned earlier. Generally, within 200 yuan a month, there will be a combination package of 200-500MB fixed-line + 40G traffic. It is more cost-effective to say that a penny and two networks have been resolved than a few years ago.

If you are in a third-tier city or above, in fact, the 4G and 5G signals should be similar everywhere, either all or none. Nowadays, there is rarely a situation where a certain operator has an exclusive advantage. However, it’s hard to say what the situation is when you reach the fourth, fifth, and sixth level towns. You need to choose the operator and package according to the actual local signal. In some places, there are not many choices. At this time, you can have a discussion with the exclusive package on the Internet. For comparison, see if the online package is suitable or the local package is more favorable. The following is a link to the package sold on the JD platform, which is a good comparison target.


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