Home Business How far from the ceiling will the oil price rise again next Tuesday: what PetroChina says

How far from the ceiling will the oil price rise again next Tuesday: what PetroChina says

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How far from the ceiling will the oil price rise again next Tuesday: what PetroChina says

According to the arrangement of the National Development and Reform Commission, the next adjustment window for domestic oil prices (the 11th round of the year) is 24:00 on June 14 (Tuesday), or it may continue to rise.

According to The Paper, as of June 10, on the 8th working day of the pricing period for refined oil products,The average price of reference oil is about $119 per barrelAfter the calculation, it is expected to increase by 0.26 yuan per literwhich means that after June 15, the average price of No. 92 gasoline in more provinces and cities will exceed 9 yuan, and No. 95 will further approach or even exceed 10 yuan.

The agency found that from January 1, 2021 to June 10, 2022, in less than a year and a half, the domestic retail price of refined oil experienced a total of “24 rises, 7 falls and 4 stranded”, of which 9 rose 1 in 2022. Looking back at the beginning of 2021, the average price of No. 92 gasoline in most provinces and cities is around 6 yuan.

Will oil prices continue to rise indefinitely? Where is the ceiling?

According to the popular science of PetroChina, the current basis for determining the price of refined oil in my country is the “Petroleum Price Management Measures”. The “Measures” stipulate that when the international crude oil price is higher than 80 US dollars per barrel, the processing profit rate will be deducted until the refined oil price is calculated according to the processing zero profit.

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When it is higher than US$130 per barrel (inclusive), in accordance with the principle of taking into account the interests of producers and consumers and maintaining the stable operation of the national economy, appropriate fiscal and taxation policies are adopted to ensure the production and supply of refined oil, and gasoline and diesel prices are not mentioned or less in principle. carry.

It is worth mentioning that in 2008, when the international crude oil price was more than 140 US dollars, the domestic refined oil was sold at 8 or 90 US dollars. This was because in order not to pass on high oil prices to various industries, the national prices rose. , the state and three barrels of oil subsidize the high oil price of 165.2 billion yuan. The oil that originally cost 10 yuan was sold for 6.3 yuan, and each liter of oil subsidized the car owner 4 or 5 yuan.

In 2009, the reform of refined oil prices and taxes was implemented, road maintenance fees were included in gasoline prices, and the consumption tax was raised, which was about more than 1 yuan.

How far from the ceiling for oil prices to rise again next Tuesday: CNPC says

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