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How many calling cards do you have in your name? Quickly use the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “One Certificate Pass Check” service to check it out-Communication Operator-cnBeta.COM

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How many mobile phone cards do I have in my name? Has it been fraudulently used by others? What should I do if I find a card that has been counterfeited? …I believe that many small partners have these worries. With the “One Pass Check” service for the nationwide mobile phone card launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology today, the above worries will disappear.


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The user can check the number of phone cards registered under the individual’s name by relying on the resident ID card. If there is any objection to the phone card status, he can also check the detailed information through the corresponding telecommunications company and deal with it accordingly.

Why is the “One Certificate Pass Check” introduced?

Meet the needs of users to quickly and conveniently query the number of mobile phone cards

Help prevent and control telecommunications network fraud

The real-name registration of telephone users in my country has been fully implemented since 2013. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the real-name registration of telecommunications companies has been gradually standardized, and the technical capabilities of identity verification have been continuously improved.

However, in the recent work of cracking down on telecommunication network fraud, it was discovered that some of the phone cards involved in the case were mobile phone cards processed by fraudsters fraudulently using other people’s identity information. The users did not know it, which may have a negative impact on the users’ personal credit.

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At the same time, due to the lack of a unified query channel, users do not know the status of the phone card under their own name, and it is difficult to actively discover that their own interests have been infringed, and it is also not conducive to the prevention and control of telecommunications network fraud by relevant departments.

The launch of the “One Certificate Check” service has broken the independent situation of 93 provincial-level basic telecommunications companies and 39 mobile communication resale companies with independent data, realized the unified and convenient query of mobile phone cards nationwide, and fundamentally eliminated the situation. It solves the problem of mobile phone card inquiry, avoids the risk of unknowingly applying for a card, provides an effective way for the people to safeguard their own interests and protect their personal credit, and will help combat telecommunications network fraud.

What are the query methods?

The “One Pass Check” service supports online and offline appointment inquiry channels

Online channels: Users can use the WeChat official accounts of “Industry WeChat News” and “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Anti-fraud Special Class”, the operator’s online business hall, the official website of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and Alipay’s “One Pass Check” applet, etc. Submit an appointment query application on the channel. Within 48 hours, the service platform will notify the number of all calling cards under the user’s name and their operating companies through the “10699000” dedicated SMS port.

Offline channels: Users can submit their second-generation ID cards to the business halls of basic telecom operators to submit an appointment inquiry application.

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↓Please refer to the inquiry method ↓

What you need to pay attention to when querying is:

① In order to successfully use this service, the user needs to provide his ID number, and any mobile phone number registered under the ID card and other information. If the query is unsuccessful, further check the information and re-query after 24 hours.

② If there is a problem during the inquiry process, the user can solve it through the user guide provided on the inquiry page. If the problem still cannot be solved, you can call the customer service number of any telecommunications company to help solve it.

③ During the inquiry process, you must protect the received verification code and do not forward it to others.

# What should I do if I disagree with the query result?

The telecommunications company will conduct verification, divestiture, shutdown or cancellation of accounts, etc.

In addition to organizing the launch of the “One Certificate Pass Check” service, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also instructed telecommunications companies to establish and improve supporting service mechanisms such as number detail query and objection number handling. The telecommunications company will verify the number of objections raised by users. Afterwards, they will be corrected and stripped off in accordance with the law.

When the user finds the number of mobile phone cards in his own name through the “One Pass Check” service, which is inconsistent with his personal knowledge, he can follow the steps below:

① The user can call the customer service number of the corresponding telecommunications company for consultation and learn about the company’s objection number handling mechanism.

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② Each telecommunications company has opened a green channel, and users can follow the company’s guidelines and go to online and offline channels such as business halls to inquire about the details of the card under their own name.

③ With my authorization, the objection number can be further verified, stripped, closed or cancelled.

In the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work with relevant departments to continue to optimize system functions, support multiple types of documents inquiries, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the inquiry system. At the same time, telecommunications companies will also be organized to jointly do a good job of service guarantees such as enquiry of number details, cancellation of remote phone card accounts, and customer service consultation to ensure that the people are provided with satisfactory and convenient services.

How many calling cards do you have in your name?

Source: Cyber ​​Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Planning: He Ning, Zhao Xinghan

Video: Feng Maozhen

Producer: Li Yongqiang


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