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Hua Xia Bank suspends personal foreign exchange trading business. What is the recent ripple effect of the banking industry_adjustment

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Original title: Hua Xia Bank suspends personal foreign exchange trading business. What is the recent chain reaction of the banking industry?

On August 31, Hua Xia Bank announced that it will suspend personal foreign exchange trading from 0:00 on December 1, 2021.

Many banks adjust personal foreign exchange business

According to Hua Xia Bank’s announcement, this move is “in response to changes in market conditions,” and the time for the resumption of Hua Xia Bank’s personal foreign exchange trading business will be notified separately. In addition to Hua Xia Bank, the reporter found that many banks have recently issued notices on adjusting personal foreign exchange business.

Recently, China Merchants Bank suddenly issued the “Notice on Adjusting the Personal Two-Way Foreign Exchange Trading Business” stating that it closed the new customer signing function of the personal two-way foreign exchange trading business and adjusted the personal two-way foreign exchange trading business rules and trading system on August 11.

At the same time, China Merchants Bank also announced that the bank’s personal foreign exchange options business will stop selling new products from today, and the sale and settlement of products already sold will not be affected. After all existing products expire, they will no longer be open to individual customers, and the product agreement for signed customers will be terminated.

In July, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China also issued the “Notice on Adjusting Account Foreign Exchange Business“, stating that it will adjust the account foreign exchange business rules and trading system on August 15. ICBC has revised the trading rules, including adjusting the risk level of account foreign exchange products to level 5 (R5), and adjusting the result of customer risk tolerance assessment requirements to aggressive (C5). Any transaction that does not meet the customer risk tolerance access standards of this product, etc. will close its account foreign exchange business function. In addition, ICBC has also raised the trading starting point for some foreign exchange businesses.

Ping An Bank announced as early as the end of June that it would adjust the personal precious metal transaction business represented by the Shanghai Financial Exchange, including increasing individual customer contracts.guaranteeThe gold ratio, lowering the upper limit of holding positions, and canceling the settlement and cancellation of customer trading accounts that have no holdings, no transactions, or arrears in the past three months, and cancel the agreement.

Increased risk in the foreign exchange marketBank operations are more cautious

Regarding the reasons for business adjustments, most banks mentioned the increased risks in the foreign exchange market and the significant increase in market risks and uncertainties.

According to market analysts, the Bank of China’s “Crude Oil Treasure” incident has sounded a wake-up call for the industry. The risk management of personal transaction business is worthwhile for the banking industry.Reflection

Guo Shuqing, Chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, also emphasized at the Lujiazui Forum in June: “Affected by a variety of uncontrollable or even unpredictable factors, the price of financial derivatives fluctuates greatly, which places high requirements on the professionalism and risk tolerance of investors. Normally. Individual investors participating in this is tantamount to gambling in disguise, and the result of losses is already doomed. Those who speculate on foreign exchange, gold and other commodity futures will hardly have the opportunity to make a fortune.”

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