Home Business Huawei launches Hongmeng Developer Contest with $1 million in prize money

Huawei launches Hongmeng Developer Contest with $1 million in prize money

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Huawei launches Hongmeng Developer Contest with $1 million in prize money

Original title: Huawei launches Hongmeng Developer Contest with prizes of up to $1 million

IT House reported on June 26 that on June 24, registration for the Hongmeng Developer Competition officially opened, and its Apps UP application innovation track has been held for two consecutive sessions since 2020. This competition is titled “Together We Innovate” As the theme, the high bonus system of the previous two competitions will be continued.Incentive bonuses up to $1 million

At the launching ceremony, Wang Yue, President of Huawei’s Terminal Cloud Service Application Ecology BU, said that Huawei hopes to gather the innovative power of more global developers to create a smart full-scenario experience and application, and bring Huawei’s smart device capabilities to more consumers. to explore the digital future together.

Wang Yue revealed that Huawei’s HMS mobile application ecosystem has achieved rapid growth.Global registered developers have reached 5.4 million, an increase of 135% over the previous year, The number of global integrated applications of HMS Core has also reached 203,000, an increase of 52%, and the cumulative number of applications distributed by Huawei AppGallery in the world has reached more than 400 billion. The HMS mobile application ecosystem has become one of the three largest mobile application ecosystems in the world.

According to reports, the Apps UP track continues to set up five major regions in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East Africa and China. In terms of award setting, in addition to the five previous awards, the Best Application Award, the Best Game Award, the Most Social Value Award, the Full Scene Innovation Award, and the Women in Technology Award, the China Division also added the Best HMS Innovation Award. and the Campus Innovation Award.

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The competition also set up overseas special awards according to the conditions of different regions, including the Best Arabic Application Award in the Middle East and Africa Division, the Best Game Innovation Award in the Latin American Division, and the AG Rising Star Award in the Asia Pacific Division and other local differentiated awards. In order to promote the localized application and development of HMS application ecology in the global region.

IT Home understands that,Huawei also launched the Global Campus AI Algorithm Elite Competition, Huawei’s “Brilliant Star Program” has a special incentive bonus for the event, with a total prize pool of US$210,000. In order to further motivate the participants, an additional green channel for campus recruitment has been set up in this competition, so that outstanding campus talents have the opportunity to enter Huawei.Return to Sohu, see more


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