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Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 model goes on sale with constant praise, soft light screen + brand new Hongmeng system, the experience is really fragrant after buying_Finance

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Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 model goes on sale with constant praise, soft light screen + brand new Hongmeng system, the experience is really fragrant after buying_Finance

(Original title: HUAWEI MatePad 11-inch 2023 model goes on sale with constant praise, soft light screen + new Hongmeng system, the experience is really fragrant after buying)

Today, ICDT 2023 International Display Conference was held in Nanjing, and SGS officially awarded the SGS Low Visual Fatigue Gold Label certification to Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 soft light version. Visual fatigue gold label certification is jointly developed by SGS and China National Institute of Standardization, and it is also the highest level of certification currently used to assess visual fatigue. Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 soft light version is the first in the industry to pass the SGS low visual fatigue gold label certification tablet.

Compared with traditional books, tablets have gradually become the main tool for paperless learning of the student party due to their advantages of convenience and portability. But staring at electronic screens for a long time will cause damage to the eyes, especially the reflective glare of the screen in a strong light environment, which is easy to irritate the eyes and cause eye fatigue. The Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 soft light version brings a paper-like soft light screen that is good-looking, easy to write and read, and achieves long-lasting anti-glare. It has been particularly eye-catching since its release. How strong is the soft light version of the new tablet, let the editor answer for you below.

Not afraid of glare and glare, handwriting is more comfortable,Paper-like soft screen brings experience soaring

Most people now use computers and tablets for lightweight office work and paperless learning. Personally, I like to look for information on my mobile phone or computer. Whether it is a video or a document, I can look at it at a glance. As long as it is useful, I will save or bookmark it, and then sync it to the tablet with the cloud, and use my spare time to carefully read it. Read deeply.

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For college students who need to study often without paper, watching for a long time and the reflection and glare of the screen can easily make the eyes tired and dry, so it is especially important to choose a good screen. The Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 soft version is equipped with a 120Hz paper-sensitive soft screen, which uses nano-scale etching technology to form hundreds of millions of nano-texture structures on the screen glass, converting strong specular reflection into soft diffuse reflection Light can eliminate 97% of the interfering light in the environment, reducing the display interference of external light sources on the screen. In addition, the paper-sensitive soft light screen is also equipped with an internal multi-layer scattering technology developed by Huawei, which allows the light emitted by the screen to scatter through layers. On the premise of ensuring the same brightness, the light distribution is more dispersed, and the perception is softer without irritating the eyes. . It cannot be said that the problem of eye fatigue is completely eliminated, but at least it effectively alleviates the glare and reflective effects during the use of the tablet, and is more eye-friendly.

In addition, the Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 soft light version has also been significantly upgraded in terms of writing experience. The paper-sensitive soft screen is paired with the second-generation HUAWEI M-Pencil stylus, and the writing experience is close to that of real paper. During the writing process, you can feel the damping and vibration caused by the contact between the screen and the pen tip, and you can also hear the subtle rustling sound from the friction, which is as if you are on real paper in terms of touch and hearing. write. And there is no sense of ink interruption during the writing process, with a low delay of only 2ms, the writing on the electronic screen is very smooth, and the tablet becomes an endless notebook.

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It can be seen that behind the experience upgrade of the soft light screen is the result of the collection of Huawei’s many sophisticated screen technologies. The value of the hardware technology hidden in the screen is actually very high. The editor of the soft light version, which is only 400 yuan more expensive than the standard version, thinks it is very worthwhile. The upgrade of the user experience brought by the screen far exceeds the price, which is perfect for students who study paperless.

Both homework and leisure, get twice the result with half the effortHongmeng one-stop learning experience

Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 is equipped with smarter HarmonyOS 3.1. The rich software ecosystem can not only meet daily learning needs, but also serve as a professional productivity tool. You can even directly experience some PC applications on the tablet through PC application engine technology. Paperless learning is more focused and efficient. Built-in PC-level WPS, Huawei notes, curriculum FA cards and other practical and professional software ecology, as well as functions such as super transfer station, remote PC, multi-device mobile communication sharing, multi-screen collaboration, etc. Consumers bring a professional, convenient and efficient one-stop learning experience, accompany everyone to grow together, and become a good partner for students and friends in paperless learning.

Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 launched four new colors: streamer purple, island blue, crystal diamond white, and obsidian black. Students study, socialize, and create tools on campus, becoming a good partner for college students to study on campus. Finally, the Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 model is divided into two different versions, the standard version and the soft light version. Friends who often take notes and draw pictures, and have higher needs for reading, writing and eye protection, recommend buying a starting price of 2699 yuan If you prefer the bright and gorgeous visual effects brought by traditional screens, it is recommended to buy the standard version with a starting price of 2299 yuan. The editor recommends choosing the soft light version, because its paper-like soft light screen will definitely bring you a different surprise. It is only 400 yuan more expensive than the standard screen, but the hardware value of the soft light screen far exceeds the price, and it is now officially available. It’s on sale, everyone can go and have a look!

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