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Huawei releases a new open source operating system Euler: covering all scenarios of digital infrastructure provider Zhitong Finance

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© Reuters. Huawei releases a new open source operating system Euler: covering all scenarios of digital infrastructure

Today at Huawei Full Connect 2021, openEuler, an open source operating system for digital infrastructure, was newly released. Euler operating system can be widely deployed in various forms of equipment such as servers, cloud computing, edge computing, embedded, etc. The application scenarios cover IT (Information Technology), CT (Communication Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) to achieve unified operating system support Multi-device, application development covers all scenarios at one time.

Deng Taihua, President of Huawei’s Computing Product Line, said that the “fragmentation” status of the operating system has resulted in a large number of “soft chimneys” in digital infrastructure, bringing challenges such as ecological fragmentation, repeated application development, and cumbersome coordination. The new era of digitalization calls for new unified operations. system.

In the ICT field, Huawei provides products and solutions such as servers, storage, cloud services, edge computing, base stations, routers, industrial control, etc., all of which need to be equipped with operating systems. Therefore, Huawei has been building capabilities to achieve a unified operating system architecture. Meet the needs of different application scenarios.

According to C114, when Huawei released the Kunpeng strategy in 2019, in order to support the development of Kunpeng, it has already clarified the open source strategy of the Euler operating system and officially open sourced it on December 31, 2019.

This new upgrade of Euler also supports the needs of various forms of equipment such as servers, cloud computing, edge computing, and embedded devices. It supports diverse computing, and is committed to providing a safe, stable, and easy-to-use operating system; and by providing deterministic protection capabilities for applications, it supports applications in the OT field and the integration of OT and ICT. So far, the newly released Euler operating system can cover all scenarios of digital infrastructure from IT, CT to OT.

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Euler creatively proposes full-stack atomic decoupling, supports flexible version construction, free combination of services, and flexibly supports southbound diverse devices and northbound full-scene applications through a set of architecture.

Unified operating system, supporting multiple devices:

·Adopt full-component atomic architecture, support flexible combination of cores, full-stack service-based on-demand construction, which can be flexibly tailored and constructed on-demand according to different resource capabilities and business characteristics of devices to meet the requirements of different devices for operating systems.

·Support self-service construction, “menu-style” configuration of kernel and system services, and flexible combination of software packages, files, functions and other levels at different levels to automate and simplify the construction of operating system versions.

·Provide a multi-device collaboration kit, including “edge-cloud” collaboration to unify data, network and management; cluster multi-node collaboration, which can support PB-level memory pools, achieve mutual assistance and resource sharing between different devices, and maximize hardware performance .

The application is developed at one time, covering the whole scene:

·Standard API to realize the unification of operating system and application interaction language;

· Euler SDK uniformly encapsulates the data, audio and video, security and other capabilities required by various applications, enabling minimal development and enhancing application performance;

· Euler Devkit provides plug-ins such as cross-device development wizards, automatic test platforms, and can be easily integrated into mainstream application development platforms.

Euler and Hongmeng have realized core technology sharing. In the future, they plan to build a distributed soft bus capability in Euler, so that devices equipped with Euler’s operating system can automatically identify and connect to Hongmeng terminals. Follow-up to further realize sharing in security OS, device driver framework, and new programming languages. Through the sharing of capabilities and the realization of ecological interoperability, “Oula + Hongmeng” can better serve the entire digital scene.

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This conference officially released the first innovative version of openEuler 21.09 that supports all scenarios of digital infrastructure, which will be launched in the community on September 30. This version not only enhances the capabilities of servers and cloud computing scenarios, but also supports edge computing and embedded scenarios. In the first quarter of 2022, the Euler open source community will release a community LTS version that supports the integration of all scenarios, enabling partners to release commercial releases for different scenarios.

Since open source, Euler has received active support and response from the industry and is the most dynamic open source community in China. Up to now, more than 6000 developers and more than 100 companies, universities, organizations and institutions have joined the Euler community, bringing together the entire industry chain from processors, complete machines, operating system release vendors, to industry applications, and more than ten Leading companies in mainstream operating systems release commercial versions based on Euler. Euler’s new release will attract more partners in the cloud, edge, and embedded fields to join the community, and jointly accelerate Euler’s extensive application in the entire field of digital infrastructure. Huawei will always insist on long-term investment in basic software, and work with partners across the industry chain to jointly build an open and win-win operating system open source ecosystem.

Huawei will host Huawei Full Connect 2021 online from September 23-25, 2021. The conference will focus on “Deepening Digitalization”, bringing together industry thought leaders, business elites, technology giants, pioneer companies, ecosystem partners, application service providers, and developers. Discuss how to in-depth industry scenarios, integrate digital technology with industry knowledge, truly integrate into the main business process of government and enterprises, solve core business problems, promote experience improvement, efficiency improvement and model innovation; and release scene-oriented products Share the latest achievements and practices of customers and partners with solutions, and build an open and win-win healthy ecology.

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This article is selected from “C114 Communication Network”, author: Shu Yunwen; Zhitong Finance Editor: Han Yongchang.

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