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Hurricane performance and high-energy experience Lenovo savior 2023 full-line ecological new product strong release | savior | Lenovo savior | Lenovo_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Hurricane performance and high-energy experience Lenovo savior 2023 full-line ecological new product strong release | savior | Lenovo savior | Lenovo_Sina Technology_Sina.com

On March 21, 2023, Lenovo held the 2023 Rescuer ecological new product decryption conference with the theme of “Performance Hurricane, High-Energy Experience”. It not only released the Rescuer Y9000P 2023 and the Rescuer Y9000P 2023 Extreme Edition professional gaming that players have been looking forward to. At the same time, it also brought the savior Y900 flagship tablet computer that can be called a luxury configuration. In addition, all the products of Lenovo Tianxi Ecology have made a shocking debut. In the new year, we will continue to create high-energy experience for players, and we will be born for the battle together.

One of the biggest highlights of this new product decryption meeting is the new LOGO released by the savior. Regarding this, Lin Lin, Senior Director of Lenovo China Consumer Business Notebook and Tablet Products, said that the new big Y represents the hard verification of the powerful performance of the savior. Power; the other side reflects the high-energy experience that the savior continues to bring to users, which also complements the theme of this decryption meeting.


Since the announcement of CES 2023, Y9000P has been the focus of discussions among players. At this decryption meeting, the rescuer not only brought the new Y9000P 2023 product, but also released the rescuer Y9000P 2023 Supreme Edition for the first time. Both new products adopt the brand-new rescuer logo and appearance design, like a “mecha beast ready to go”, domineering but restrained.

The powerful aura stems from the powerful inner core. Both Y9000P models are equipped with 13th-generation Intel Core HX processors, which have significantly improved performance. Core 32 threads. After Lenovo’s professional performance tuning, Y9000P can achieve a maximum performance release of 140W in balanced mode, which can be described as “multi-core crushing burst output”. At the same time, Y9000P is fully equipped with GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards, covering graphics card configurations from GeForce RTX 4050 to GeForce RTX 4090. Among them, the highest version of Y9000P Extreme Edition is equipped with GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards. The full power performance can reach 175W. Not only is the power consumption fully exhausted, Y9000P is equipped with a brand-new LEGION Boost engine that is “peak at the factory”, and the original GPU overclocking is enabled by default in Beast Mode & Super Mode. In addition, the two are also equipped with 5600MHz DDR5 high-frequency memory and 1TB PCIe 4.0 high-speed SSD as standard, bringing better application performance and storage experience.

[Frost Blade 5.0 is coming, and multiple black technologies are decrypted for the first time]

The reason why the Savior gaming notebook is strong and strong is not only the powerful inner core, but also the black technology blessing of frost blade heat dissipation. In order to achieve better performance release, Y9000P is fully equipped with the fifth-generation frost blade cooling system. At the scene, Linlin showed the players the 3D Blade Falcon fan derived from the bionic design of the Falcon’s wings. On the one hand, Falcon fans increase the fan flow through high-density fan blades, and on the other hand, through the layout of blades at unequal intervals, they break the single, same-frequency noise superposition, ensuring that the fan takes into account the heat dissipation effect and user experience in the notebook system .

In addition, in the Frost Blade Pro 5.0 equipped on the Y9000P, the heat dissipation effect is further improved through the blessing of “black technology” such as 10mm 3D Mesh composite main heat pipe, multi-zone air inlet and outlet intelligent temperature control. On this basis, the Y9000P Extreme Edition is also equipped with Frostblade Ultra 5.0 for the first time, which adopts a full-coverage VC vacuum chamber vapor chamber heat conduction module and high-reliability liquid metal heat conduction, providing a more powerful heat conduction efficiency and heat dissipation experience. Thanks to the strong blessing of the Frost Blade cooling system and the powerful strength of the dual-core core, the power consumption of the Y9000P dual-baking can reach up to 200W, while the power consumption of the Y9000P Extreme Edition double-baking can reach a terrifying 250W.

[240Hz ultra-competitive screen sensory advancement, super power mode breaks through the performance limit]

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Such a powerful performance naturally requires a good screen to present it. This time, the Y9000P screen is advanced across the board. For the first time, it is equipped with a 240Hz ultra-competitive screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 93%, 2.5K resolution, and a 16:10 narrow frame design, allowing every player to feel like they are in the game. 3ms high-speed response time, 500 nits ultra-high brightness, 10bit color depth, HDR400 high dynamic range, with Rheinland-certified hardware-level low blue light and DC dimming, this ultra-competitive screen can be called “N-gon warrior”, bringing players more A sensory experience for enjoyment.

In addition to powerful hardware configuration, Y9000P also optimizes software applications to bring users a high-energy experience. Y9000P launched the LEGION ZONE super power mode for the first time, which has a further performance release based on the previous beast mode. Not only that, the custom mode of LEGION ZONE also increases the number of adjustable parameters to dozens of items. Players can precisely customize the exclusive mode for each 3A masterpiece, and they can also share user-defined files or learn from the custom files of great gods to further improve the game experience. Improve user experience. At the same time, on the Savior Y9000P 2023 Extreme Edition, through the blessing of LEGION AI Tuning, it can also intelligently schedule and allocate power consumption, taking into account strong performance and user experience at all times.

[G5000+Y7000P debut together, enriching the game family ecology]

In addition to releasing the new Y9000P 2023 series, this decryption meeting also brought a “new friend” – the new high-performance gaming notebook GeekPro G5000, providing more diversified choices for “entry-level” players. While products of the same price range in the industry are still widely using FHD resolution, the G5000 is equipped with a 165Hz high refresh rate, 2.5K resolution, and 100% sRGB “high score, high refresh rate, and high color gamut” gaming screen . At the same time, the G5000 is equipped with up to the 13th generation Intel Core i7-13700H processor, and once again follows the “1TB popular storm”, equipped with 1TB PCIe SSD, and reserves an M.2 slot for expansion for players to upgrade and expand later. In terms of graphics cards, in order to help players achieve a better balance between performance and cost, G5000 has two optional configurations, GeForce RTX 4060 and GeForce RTX 4050, and the two optional graphics cards are debugged to their best power consumption release Dessert, providing players with the same high-energy gaming experience.

In addition, some product details about the savior Y7000P 2023 version were revealed at this decryption meeting. It is reported that the Y7000P will be equipped with a 13th generation Intel Core i7-13700H processor and a 140W full-power GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card, and the screen will be fully upgraded to 16:10, with a screen ratio of up to 92.8%, and a high refresh rate of 165Hz as standard. . It is reported that this product will be officially released later this year, so stay tuned.

[Y900 Flagship Tablet PC – Powerful and luxurious configuration, experience reconstruction leads the trend]

In addition to the powerful gaming notebook, the savior also brought a new tablet product – the savior Y900 flagship tablet computer. Che Xiangguang, Senior Director of Product Planning for Lenovo’s tablet and gaming phone business, said that unlike traditional smart tablets, the Y900 not only has luxurious configurations, but also reconstructs the user experience in multi-scenario applications, providing users with a cross-generational experience. A new experience of entertainment and mobile office.

The main body of the Y900 is made of 7-series aluminum with CNC technology, and at the same time it is matched with glass decorative parts, superimposed with high-brightness micro-nano textures to create a mysterious and luxurious ultra-thin body; the 14.5-inch large screen has a 3K resolution and an ultra-high resolution of 1 million: 1. Contrast ratio, 10-bit color depth, Rheinland global eye protection certification 3.0 and 1920Hz high-frequency dimming provide users with a more comfortable experience while creating an immersive sensory experience.

With the blessing of Lenovo Yuesheng Technology, Y900 uses eight specially tuned JBL speakers – 4 ultra-linear woofers and 4 ultra-wideband tweeters to make the bass more vigorous and the treble more thorough. At the same time, it is adapted to the highest image quality of mainstream video platform apps such as iQiyi, Youku, and Bilibili. Y900 also supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, making the picture more delicate and vivid, and the sound more realistic and immersive. Y900 is committed to creating a new benchmark for tablet audio-visual experience.

Y900 is also very sturdy in terms of battery life. It is equipped with a large battery of 12300mAh, which can support 12.7 hours of online video playback and 74 hours of online music playback; and 68W fast charging, 15 minutes of charging can support 2 hours of use , charging for 48 minutes, the power can reach 80%. While providing an “all-weather” battery life experience, it makes full use of the fragmented time of users to improve charging efficiency.

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In terms of performance, Y900 is equipped with Dimensity 9000 flagship processor, which provides stable and powerful performance output with the support of LPDDR5X + UFS 3.1. Not only that, but the Y900 flagship tablet computer will also reconstruct the player’s game mode experience-playing mobile games can not only be played with two-handed touch, but also can be operated through keyboard, mouse and joystick, which is comparable to the experience of end-game games on computers; At the same time, Rescuer cooperated with China Mobile Migu Cloud Games to carry out ecological cooperation, select 118 host games for adaptation, support handle control and multiplayer games, and jointly create a 14.5-inch large-screen end-game experience; in addition, with “Magic Tower “Adaptation linkage, Android first supports 120 frames, Dolby panoramic sound effects and controller customization adaptation, more exciting games are also being adapted one after another, so stay tuned.

In addition to reconstructing the game experience, with the support of diversified creative tools, Y900 will also realize the leap to the primary productivity tool. With the second-generation Xiaoxin stylus and the brand-new Savior Miaoxiang keyboard, the Y900 will be directly “promoted” to a notebook computer. With the Xiaoxin stylus, combined with ZUI 15’s new “One Vision” four-screen function and note function, you can write while watching, and record at any time; through the Fn key on the keyboard and two customizable The application shortcut keys, combined with the multi-screen collaboration supported by the DP-in function, can also greatly improve productivity.

[Lenovo Tianxi Ecological Acceleration Multi-Scenario Experience of Software and Hardware Collaboration]

Not only that, this time Lenovo Tianxi Ecology also brought users a fully upgraded Lenovo super file, which supports quick search of files between different devices, and one-click retrieval, and multi-screen relay improves the collaboration experience between products. In the mobile office scenario, users can directly search and retrieve all the files of their home computer devices through the Y900, and easily download and create them with one click; the files created on the tablet side can also be transferred to the computer side to continue relay collaboration through super files . These are all relying on the powerful intelligent technology of super file cross-platform, cross-device, and wireless connection, reconstructing the multiple usage requirements of current mixed office multi-scenario applications, and providing users with a more efficient user experience.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Lenovo Tianxi’s ecological one-click replacement has now added 595 genuine software on the market, fully responding to the replacement needs, making every new computer both new equipment and an old friend.

[Savior ecological intelligence options to create a variety of intelligent experience in an all-round way]

In addition, considering the needs of users in multiple scenarios, the rescuer has prepared a wealth of optional equipment for the majority of players. The first is the newly upgraded Savior Y27q gaming display, which has jumped from 165Hz high refresh rate to 240Hz competitive high refresh rate; on the basis of maintaining 2K resolution and 1ms response and precise positioning, it will integrate professional gaming monitors to meet the needs of content creators. Made a deeper combination with professional colors. At the same time, a small savior 140W gallium nitride adapter was created, relying on the exclusive private protocol between the savior devices of Lenovo Tianxi Ecology. With a volume of one, the rescuer Y9000P can obtain about 80% performance release.

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At the same time, the savior also brought the most indispensable savior “key+mouse+ear” wireless three-piece set during the game process, so that the office and game experience can be upgraded again. The first is the rescuer K7 mechanical keyboard, G yellow Pro shaft body, keycaps that fit the fingertips, both feel and comfort; rescuer M7 wireless mouse, lightweight design less than 80g, not tiring to use; rescuer H5 Wireless gaming headset, 50mm large size dynamic unit, virtual 7.1 channel, both games and music.

In order to meet the needs of users for data security backup such as important photos and documents, Rescuer also provides users with a private cloud device – Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s, which supports mobile phone backup and computer file synchronization, and meets users’ various scenarios such as office and entertainment. In addition, it also includes the rescuer cooling bracket Z4 made of aluminum alloy, the rescuer solid-state U disk equipped with integrated heat-dissipating metal fins, mobile solid-state hard disk and other options, bringing users a more powerful experience.

The Rescuer has also prepared a wealth of new partners for the Y900. The first is the rescuer Y900 protective clip, smart flip cover, magnetic adsorption design, and a storage area for pen storage, making the tablet and stylus safe and worry-free; the matching rescuer wireless network card can be directly connected to the Internet through USB-C, so that The device is always online, and it also supports shared use of multiple devices, which fully expands the usage scenarios.

In addition to the above new equipment, the rescuer also takes care of all aspects of the user’s life. The first is the rescuer multi-functional backpack P3 with 18L super large capacity, multiple partitions, and support for 180-degree opening and closing; there is also a new rescuer ton-ton cup with a “battery” element design scale line, and a rescuer with built-in rescuer intelligent voice The intelligent voice electric toothbrush, and the savior gaming chair C7, which protects the health of players, can both help players and users play to the end. In the future, Rescuer will continue to update the user experience with more thoughtful designs, and use products to help users upgrade their lives.

[Rescuer service upgrade and appearance customization is free for a limited time]

At the same time, considering the user experience during use, Lenovo has also launched a full range of service upgrades for rescuer users, including continuous BIOS updates. At the same time, if users encounter problems in use, they can also contact product managers and R&D personnel on Lenovo’s official Duosun APP, or share their experience and experiences with great players in the rescuer community.

In addition, Savior also launched two exclusive “customized services” this time: the first is the official website upgrade customization service, users can further improve the configuration of their Savior gamebook according to their needs, and the service can be enjoyed during the first launch. The price is halved; the second is the appearance customization of Lenovo’s official website, including printing on the A side and lettering on the C side. Among them, the printing on the A side supports two options: the official website gallery and the user uploaded pictures. At the decryption meeting, the exclusive LPL League of Legends professional league was also launched. Design plan, if you choose this plan, you will have the opportunity to get tickets to the 2023 LPL Spring Championship during the first launch, and all appearance customization services will also be free for a limited time during this first start.

The starting price of the Savior Y9000P 2023 Extreme Edition starts from 17,999 yuan; the starting price of the Savior Y9000P 2023 starts from 8,999 yuan; From 25999 yuan.

The gradual improvement of the product family ecology and the continuous innovation of cutting-edge technology are just like the theme of this savior 2023 decryption conference – “hurricane performance and high-energy experience”. In the new year, Savior will continue to provide players with a high-powered user experience through powerful product hard-core performance, and live for battle with players!

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