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Hydrogen, Valerio (Res): “From 2025 we will produce it in Molise”

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Hydrogen, Valerio (Res): “From 2025 we will produce it in Molise”

Hydrogen, Valerio (Res): “From 2025 we will produce 170 tons per year in Molise”

A 6 million euro loan to create a Hydrogen Valley in Molise, 9.6 million euro from PNRR for the regeneration of plastic and to bring the former Ittierre plants, which made fashion history in the 1990s, back to their former glory. These are the objectives of RES, a company from Molise at the head of a group that deals with the entire waste management process: from selection to functional treatment and transformation to the regeneration, recycling and reuse of waste as production raw materials, i.e. to their disposal.

Born in 1989 in the province of Isernia, RES has been operating for over 30 years in the sector of Circular Economy and environmental sustainability. The activity is today concentrated in the two plant poles of Pozzilli and Tufo Colonoco (Isernia) through which the company covers the entire waste chain, with the exception of collection. The company was listed on the EGM in May and saw the entry of Invitaliathrough the Fondo Cresci al Sud, as anchor investor, making Res, as underlined by the managing director Antonio Lucio Valerio a Truth and Business “the only company from Molise in Piazza Affari and this makes us even more proud of
represent our region in the name of sustainability and technological innovation”.

You have listed around 25% of Res’s capital on the Stock Exchange. Are you satisfied with the placement?
“We are very happy with the listing on the Stock Exchange, because it is the only way to grow family businesses which are suffering at the moment. The Stock Exchange, on the other hand, is a perfect vehicle for our needs: it allows us to attract managerial figures, while if the shareholders decide to leave the capital, it is the right way out. In short, in this way we are all free in a common project”.

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And then with the IPO, Invitalia also entered the capital.
“It was an important signal for Res because he underwrote 35% of the capital increase, for a value of 3.8 million euros. We are very satisfied that he has chosen to focus on our group which currently has three independent directors on the board, another great advantage for us”.

You come from waste collection, but you soon understood the potential of their recycling.
“We started with waste collection and landfilling, to move on to waste management and now we serve 70% of the Molise municipalities plus other plants located in various Italian regions. We have built technologically advanced plants, which use optical sorting of waste for the recovery of plastics, all in an area of ​​30 square kilometers where the complete waste treatment cycle is concentrated. I would say that Res is an almost unique case because it covers the entire waste recycling chain”.

You have also acquired the former Ittierre factory in Pettoranello del Molise.
“The acquisition took place in 2020, in full lockdown, and we presented a project to build a plant for the mechanical and chemical recycling of plastics in this area which received funding from the PNRR of almost 10 million euros, a transformation that involves no soil consumption. Furthermore, we have just been awarded another loan of around 6 million euros from the Molise Region for the construction of a plant called RES-H2 and financed as part of the implementation of the Next Generation EU plan – PNRR mission 2 Green Revolution and Ecological Transition . From 2025 it will be able to produce 170 tons of hydrogen per year. Hydrogen will be green, as it is produced thanks to a photovoltaic system located on the roofs of the former Ittierre. The goal is for this green hydrogen to then be used to power the fleet of waste collection vehicles owned by Smaltimenti Sud, a Valerio Group company”.

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But when we talk about Pettoranello del Molise and Ittierre, however, our thoughts turn to the fashion sector in which Tonino Perna’s group was a protagonist…
“In fact, inside the former Ittierre, we will build a plastic washing plant which we will then spin. A startup is operating within the Valerio group which is carrying out research on this thread, supported by the University of Naples, to put the fashion system back on its feet within the former Ittierre. Furthermore, we are also thinking of creating a small niche of sartorial production with this yarn”.

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