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“I love potatoes, with AI many recipes”: Amato’s tragicomic first meeting

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“I love potatoes, with AI many recipes”: Amato’s tragicomic first meeting

Amato and artificial intelligence, colleagues on the committee: “He alternates high and low, he manages to get by”

Il algorithm committeechaired by the 85-year-old former head of the Consulta Giuliano Amato, began the work. The group will have to draw up a relation on the impact of artificial intelligence on publishing. But how is the former prime minister coping with codes and chatbots? How do you juggle these modern devilry? “I don’t have to build a computer“, Amato had slyly replied to the controversy of those who noticed a certain age paradox in his appointment. Amato – we read in Il Fatto Quotidiano – set up the work of the committee by foreseeing a series of hearings. “Amato is always humorous – says a person who participated in the first sessions of the committee – and he manages to get by. Man of the world. He alternates between up and down; the abacus algorithm”.

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“The other day – continues one of the experts from the Amato team – during one of the hearingsreassured the journalists: “I really like potatoes. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a journalist in a few moments he will be able to know all the ways I can cook themso from enrich his piece“. The committee will also have to deal with fake news. Suffice it to say that this year the government has forced news agencies to equip yourself with an anti-hoax guarantor to be hired in the editorial offices. Amato’s group has the task of establishing the future of publishing after the explosion of artificial intelligence.

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