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I stopped buying from Amazon four years ago

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I stopped buying from Amazon four years ago

For a long time, I wasn’t comfortable with Amazon’s environmental impact. The pandemic moved me to action. SOPA Images/Getty Images

Our author stopped shopping on Amazon and realized he didn’t need 90 percent of the goods he ordered.

Foregoing online megastores led to fewer impulse purchases and supported local businesses.

Despite this, he continued to use Amazon-owned websites such as IMDb and Twitch, showing that a clean break is difficult.

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In the summer of 2020, when we were stuck in our apartments because of Covid-19, there were only fleets of vans on the city streets – a lifeline for many, the last straw for me. For a long time I was uncomfortable with the environmental and social impacts of online megastores. As the Online Trade When I hit a fever pitch during the pandemic, I vowed never to order from Amazon again.

I quickly realized I had made the right decision, but over time I also realized that my stake in one of the largest companies in the world wasn’t quite as clean as I thought.

Online purchases are not always the best for your wallet

The first thing I noticed when I stopped buying from Amazon was that I didn’t need 90 percent of the items I ordered. The convenience of ordering any item, no matter how obscure, from Amazon means that you will buy any item you can think of, no matter how much you need it.

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Impulse purchases used to be candy bars at the checkout, but today anything can be an impulse buy if it’s just a click away. Giving up Amazon – and all the other online megastores – meant I stopped making those impulse purchases, and not surprisingly, life moved on.

What surprised me, however, is that I didn’t shop as wisely as I’d like to think. I assumed that just because something was online, you would find the best deal online. But after a few months of avoiding Amazon, I realized that’s not always true – the same item I found in a store can be twice as expensive online.

The store is as much about community as it is about commerce

Browsing in stores isn’t just about buying. A few years ago, when I needed parts for a stereo system, sports equipment, or accessories for old cameras, I ordered them online. Now I venture into the real world.

This allowed me to explore new neighborhoods, support small businesses and, most importantly, meet new people. Small specialty stores are becoming hubs for the communities in which they operate: I set out from my apartment to stop buying things online and instead went to the stores to talk to people to chat about the things I like.

As the months turned into years, I continued to ride high and mighty on my anti-Amazon horse, but that all came crashing down when I decided to dig a little deeper.

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Maybe you use Amazon without knowing it

I thought I’d quit Amazon by simply not buying anything online, but the company also owns sites like IMDb and Twitch, both of which I’ve used for the past few years without questioning them.

In addition, part of Amazon’s revenue and most of its operating profit comes from Amazon Web Services, the technology underlying many of the websites, apps and services we use every day, such as Facebook, Linkedin or even Netflix.

Although I haven’t bought anything from Amazon in almost four years, I have used the company’s services. I don’t think that takes away from the positive aspects of not buying from Amazon, but it does provide some perspective.

Leaving online megastores certainly has its advantages, but in a digital age where everything is so interconnected, making a clean break is often much harder than you think. And in the case of a giant like Amazon, it may not even be possible.

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