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Ideal response to the main driver’s seat reappearing mercury “is a third-party poisoning” Zhuhai State-owned Assets is exposed to terminate its shares in FF_ 东方 Fortune.com

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  Ideal ONEMercury found in the car’s main driver’s seat

Released by “Mercury” owners on July 20WeiboAccording to the report, the main driver’s seat was removed with the help of the staff of the Ideal Delivery Center that day, and mercury was also found.The owner believes that the mercury is wrapped under the non-porous leather, which is difficult to disassemble and cannot be scattered later, so he judgedIdeal carMercury in the seats may be contaminated in batches, such as when the incoming sponge is stocked and mixed with mercury products during transportation. In this regard,Ideal carReplied separately with seat supplier Faurecia that there is no possibility of mercury in the production and transportation links. Ideally, the situation is caused by a third-party poisoning.

  Yi Cai Comments:Ideal carAfter the “Mercury Gate” incident, Ideal Auto and its seat supplier Virginia have successively issued clarification statements. Whether mercury comes from the production link or the user’s use link is still a mystery.

  Zhuhai State-owned Assets has been exposed to terminate its shares in FF

PSACannouncementShow, originalFixed investmentChina’s first-tier cities that have invested in FF issued a notice stating that the investment could not be completed due to foreign exchange reasons, and the investment quota it owned has been transferred to relevant investment institutions. According to media reports, on January 27, 2021, FF and PSAC signed an agreement with the subscription investors. The subscribers agreed to subscribe for 79.5 million common shares of PSAC at a subscription price of US$10 per share, totaling US$795 million, including 17.5 million shares. Will be subscribed by investors in a certain tier city in China. However, a document submitted by FF to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on July 15 shows that cornerstone investors who originally planned to invest US$175 million will not buy shares in FF.

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  Yi Cai Comments:The specific reason is not clear, but the source said that after FF completes its listing, the above-mentioned first-tier cities will still cooperate with FF on the implementation of the project.

  Wei LaiDeny that the seat has design flaws

Recently, a car owner complained thatWei LaiThe car seat is suspected to have a design defect.” A car owner posted a hospital CT inspection report, saying that after buying a driverWei LaiAfter the vehicle, the back pain often occurs, and the “bulging of the lumbar intervertebral disc” has been checked. Judging from the problems reported by the car owners, it is concentrated in two aspects: one is the front seat cushion is high in the front and low in the back. The headrest of the row of seats is hard, and the position is forward, and it will withstand the head, and the neck and shoulders are not supported; the angle of the thigh seat position cannot be adjusted, the hip pressure is high, and the front of the thigh is oppressive. The second is that the backrest angle of the rear seats is straight and cannot be adjusted. In response to this, Weilai Automobile said: “The design of Weilai’s seat is biased towards movement and is not a design defect. However, Weilai Automobile has also introduced a seat adjustment program. Depending on the content of the adjustment, it needs to pay 200 to 3000 yuan. In addition to cash, car owners can also redeem points.

  Yi Cai Comments:People are tall, short, fat and thin, and each person has different congenital physical characteristics. The design of car seats usually takes the body characteristics of the largest proportion of people as the standard, and it is difficult to take into account everyone. Almost all brands have complained about uncomfortable riding due to short or poor angles of the car seat. NIO is the first car company to come up with a solution to car seat users’ complaints, which is very good. But on the other hand, if car owners’ expectations for products or services are repeatedly pushed up due to similar incidents, NIO may also face pressure and challenges in the future.

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