Home Business Identikit online broker: more and more popular ETFs, more desire for investments for ‘Generation Y’

Identikit online broker: more and more popular ETFs, more desire for investments for ‘Generation Y’

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Identikit online broker: more and more popular ETFs, more desire for investments for ‘Generation Y’
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The German platform Scalable Capital photographs the investment behaviors and habits of online brokers. Here are the main trends


The Generation Y is the most likely to investun every second customer regularly saves with savings plans they Etf I am your favorite tools. And the percentage of women investing has grown strongly over the past two years. According to the recent study carried out by Scalable Capital, an online investment platform that landed in Italy in the summer of 2020, only 7% of investors were female, while currently women represent almost a quarter of the platform’s users (24%). This is the identikit of the typical investor that emerges from the analysis conducted by Scalable Capital, a digital investment platform in Europe which, for the first time, investigates the investment behavior of its users and sheds light on investment methods and characteristics. .

“Most of our clients rely on diversification and long-term asset accumulation with ETFs,” says Erik Podzuweit, co-founder and CEO of Scalable Capital. The top 9 most popular names are all globally diversified ETFs; the first title is only in tenth place with Apple “. Podzuweit, founder of German fintech and former Goldman Sachs, then focuses on the investment behavior of young investors which he defines as “particularly surprising, given that they have even more ETFs in their portfolios than older age groups, thus investing in an even more reasoned way “.

The point about the results, here are the main trends

Generation Y is the most likely to invest and more and more women invest. In detail, the largest group of investors (32%) is aged between 27 and 34 and can be classified as “Generation Y”. The survey shows that the investors of the “Generation X”, who are between 35 and 48 years old (about 27%), are a little less represented. This is followed by the age group of “Generation Z”, with an age between 18 and 26 years (23%).

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Among the main trends stands the preference for ETFs, with two out of three investors choosing exchange-traded funds. And young people invest more responsibly. In particular, ETFs are the most popular investment class at the Scalable Broker: two-thirds of clients (66%) invest in exchange-traded funds that track stock market indices such as the MSCI World.

Furthermore, the younger the investor, the more popular this form of investing is. While nearly three quarters of the 18 to 26 age group invest in ETFs, the share of over 65s is only 60%. With women (75%) investing more frequently in ETFs than men (63%). Stocks are only in second place among the most popular investments across all age groups (31% of invested assets). And a more in-depth analysis of the types of investments in ETFs highlights how women choose sustainable investments 30% more than men.

The survey conducted by Scalable Capital indicates that almost two-thirds (64%) of the money invested in ETFs is destined for diversified indices, 18% to sustainable investments and 7% to thematic ETFs. Factorial (5%), sectorial (4%), bond (2%) and commodities (0.3%) follow. In the case of savings plans, ETFs are even more clearly in the lead than shares and represent 91% of the volume of savings.

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