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IKEA China: IKEA Shanghai Yangpu store will be closed in early July – Latest news – cnBeta.COM

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IKEA China: IKEA Shanghai Yangpu store will be closed in early July – Latest news – cnBeta.COM

News on June 14, IKEA China recently released news that as part of the continuous update and improvement process, in order to better meet consumers’ growing demand for online consumption and services, and the accelerated speed of convenience during the epidemic. Further preference for delivery, IKEA China will adjust the layout of customer touchpoints in the Shanghai market.


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IKEA will continue to provide local customers with a wide variety of IKEA experience choices through the omni-channel ecosystem, including the full experience of the IKEA classic store, the IKEA selected experience in the city center, the innovative interaction in the “future home experience space”, and various IKEA experience. A convenient online channel.

After a comprehensive evaluation of IKEA Yangpu Mall, combined with the changing consumer behavior preferences of customers in the mall’s service business circle and the overall layout of IKEA in the Shanghai market, IKEA China has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the long-term feasibility of Yangpu Mall, and considered from the Beginning in early July, it will no longer be retained as part of the Shanghai customer contact matrix.

IKEA China believes that, as part of the transformation and the day-to-day business operation management of the retail industry, the layout adjustment for the IKEA Yangpu store will enable IKEA to conduct business in the Shanghai market in a flexible and resilient manner. IKEA’s firm confidence in the Shanghai market will not change and will continue to create a better customer experience for local consumers. As a key project of IKEA in the Shanghai market, the IKEA Shanghai airport project is continuing to advance, which is also part of the 3 billion euro investment recently announced by Ingka Group, aiming to expand new customer touchpoints in recent years and explore existing The diversified roles of retail malls and continuous improvement of logistics and distribution capabilities.

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