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Ilaria Salis, “convenient” candidate for the left in difficulty

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Ilaria Salis, “convenient” candidate for the left in difficulty

Ilaria Salis, “convenient” candidate for the left in difficulty

Italy, Bel Paese. As Dante wrote: “Of the beautiful country where the sound sounds” (Inf. XXXIII, 80). To the battered Italian left, in particular to the former communist one where Nicola Fratoianni (Communist Rifondazione) comes from and to the environmentalist one before Angelo Bonelli’s Greta Thunberg (a hodgepodge mix in which there are clips of every shade of red), we missed the issue of Ilaria Salis.

As is known, Ilaria will be a candidate in the next European elections, probably leaders in the North West, with Avs Alleanza Verdi-Sinistra which in recent weeks had already announced the return to the field of Mimmo Lucano, the former mayor of Riace in 2021 sentenced in first instance to more than 13 years in prison for 21 crimes committed in the management of reception projects, sentence overturned on appeal with acquittal. The 39-year-old activist and teacher from Monza has been in prison in Hungary since 11 February 2023 on charges of attacking some neo-Nazis who had taken part in the “Day of Honour”.

The Hungarian court denied her house arrest. Beyond any legal-legislative considerations and in reiterating the need to respect all the rights of those in prison, it is clear that this has become a political case on which there are those who are marching for obvious electoral interests. The Bonelli-Fratoianni duo is doing everything they can to overcome the 4% barrier at the next European Championships. Having made the necessary differences between Salis and Soumahoro, the operation has the same objectives, that is to gather votes by exploiting the notoriety of the judicial cases. More than a political choice, it is a marketing operation. Of course, for Ilaria Salis there are no causes of ineligibility nor issues of incompatibility.

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If elected, Ilaria Salis will immediately benefit from parliamentary immunity and will have to be released from prison to be able to exercise her mandate, but the trial against her will still be able to continue in Hungary and the Hungarian judges will be able to initiate the procedure for revoking immunity. Beyond the political considerations, which are anything but positive given the electoral use of the matter, if Salis were not elected at the polls on 8 and 9 June 2024 nothing would change, except for the worsening of her position in opinion public, specifically in the trial in Hungary, a country that is part of NATO and the European Union.

The presumption of innocence always applies to everyone. Every defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty by law. Here the political data is of interest. Ilaria Salis already has four final convictions for violence, resistance to public officials and invasion of buildings as well as 29 reports to the judicial authorities. Perhaps, for Bonelli and Fratoianni these are honorific medals. The director Alessandro Sallusti wrote yesterday in the Giornale: «Everyone is free to choose their own martyrs and heroes, but if Ilaria Salis’s is the ideal curriculum for the Italian left, well the slap is not so much to Europe (and to Italy) but rather to male and female workers, temporary workers, minimum pensioners, the unemployed and all those that Fratoianni’s party says it wants to protect and who, despite the difficulties, have never dreamed of throwing Molotov cocktails at the policemen or participating to punitive raids against right-wing sympathizers.” Already. If this is the left, Berlinguer is turning in his grave. The politicization of the affair, however the European elections end, will have negative consequences that will go beyond the polls of 8 and 9 June. This choice by a part of the left that challenges, in addition to common sense, also the law shows how much it is in deep trouble, even in difficulty in overcoming the electoral threshold. Evidently the lessons of the past are useless.

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