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Illegal Gold and Cocaine Operations Dismantled in Antioquia

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Illegal Gold and Cocaine Operations Dismantled in Antioquia

INTERNATIONAL EDITORIAL. – In the midst of routine operations by the Antioquia Police on the road that leads from Chocó to Medellín, Two gold ingots weighing approximately 15 kilos were seized, which were going to be sold on the black market in the capital of Antioquia.

The gold material was locked inside a vehicle that was subjected to a thorough inspection after the driver showed suspicious behavior when requested by the Highway Police.

According to the authorities, the gold was obtained through illegal mining in Chocó and would belong to the Clan del Golfo, a criminal group that controls the majority of clandestine mines in that region.

“Five kilos of gold were seized yesterday at a checkpoint by the Traffic and Transportation Police. “A police officer sees nervousness in the driver and decides to search the vehicle, and two gold bars weighing approximately five kilos are seized,” declared the commander of the Antioquia Police, Colonel Carlos Andrés Martínez.

The Police officer announced that the gold bars were valued at $1.3 billion in the market and that they were left at the disposal of the Bank of the Republic for safekeeping while the judicial process proceeds.

“The gold came from Chocó, from an area in which the Gulf Clan has influence and they took it to Medellín to market it,” added the commander of the Antioquia Police.

Meanwhile, the man who was driving the car where the gold was stored was captured and placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office, which will prosecute him for the crime of illicit exploitation of mining deposits and other materials.

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Colonel Martínez also announced that within the actions carried out in Antioquia against the narco-paramilitary group, a cocaine production laboratory, located in the rural area of ​​the municipality of San Pedro de los Milagros, was dismantled and destroyed.

According to the officer, the laboratory was camouflaged in a house on a sidewalk, where they also found a cache with cocaine ready to be sold.

“(We found) a cove in Vereda El Espino, in San Pedro de los Milagros, with a production capacity of half a ton (of alkaloid) per month,” the policeman said.

Microwave ovens containing 20 kilos of cocaine, 56 kilos of solid chemical inputs and 250 liters of liquid chemical inputs essential for the processing of cocaine hydrochloride were found at the site, which were burned along with the drug stash.

“This is another amplifier of the Gulf Clan’s economic capacity. A great job by our Anti-Narcotics Police within the strategy we have to affect criminal economies and we have a result within the framework of Operation Agamemnon that is focused on the structural weakening of the Clan,” concluded Colonel Carlos Andrés Martínez.

The destruction of that laboratory is added to another carried out by the National Army in the rural area of ​​Cáceres (Antioquia) and San José de Uré (Córdoba), where wooden structures were found containing 120 gallons of coca base paste in process, 200 gallons of the alkaloid in solution, 75 kilograms of crushed coca leaf, 25 kilograms of ammonia and 15 gallons of gasoline; as well as 20 gallons of ACPM, 20 kilograms of cement, 16 plastic bins and a craft press.

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The authorities indicated that the production centers could generate 75 kilograms of coca base paste per week, which represented an income of more than $500 million for the finances of the Gulf Clan.

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