Home Business In 1 second break, a huge loss of 28,000 baseband chips, the first share of Aojie Technology plunged 32% – Latest News

In 1 second break, a huge loss of 28,000 baseband chips, the first share of Aojie Technology plunged 32% – Latest News

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On January 14th, Aojie Technology, which has the first stock of baseband chips, made its debut on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. However, it broke when it went public. It plummeted 20% within 1 second of opening the market. As of press time, the stock price fell by 32%. To lose 28,000 yuan.The issue price of Aojie Technology is 164.54 yuan per share, which is the highest issue price of a listed company since 2022, and the issue price-earnings ratio is 83.65 times.


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According to the data, the company is a rare platform-based chip design company with full-standard cellular baseband communication technology in China, and has achieved a solid foundation in the fields of IoT cellular baseband chips and IoT WiFi chips.

It is reported that Aojie Technology, founded in 2015, is a platform-based chip company that provides wireless communication and ultra-large-scale chips.

Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the research and development and technological innovation of wireless communication chips. It is one of the few in China that has both full-standard cellular baseband chips and multi-protocol non-cellular IoT chips. It also has the ability to provide ultra-large-scale high-speed SoC chip customization and semiconductor A platform-based chip design company with IP authorization service capabilities.

However, there is still a big gap between Aojie Technology and domestic chip companies such as HiSilicon and Zhanrui. There are currently no 5G products in baseband chips. In addition, Aojie Technology is still losing money. From 2018 to 2020, Aojie Technology has a loss in net profit. They are 537 million yuan, 584 million yuan, and 2.327 billion yuan respectively; in the first three quarters of 2021, the net profit is still a loss of 484 million yuan.


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