Home » In China’s economic downturn, young people are buying cheap military coats to keep out the cold | Down jackets | Consumption downgrade

In China’s economic downturn, young people are buying cheap military coats to keep out the cold | Down jackets | Consumption downgrade

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In China’s economic downturn, young people are buying cheap military coats to keep out the cold | Down jackets | Consumption downgrade

Title: Military Coats Making a Comeback in China as Down Jackets Prices Soar

Recent data from JD.com has revealed that the turnover of cotton clothing designed with military coats increased by 181% year-on-year during the Double Eleven shopping event, indicating a resurgence in the popularity of military coats among Chinese consumers. The rise in demand comes at a time when prices for down jackets have reached new heights, prompting consumers to seek more cost-effective alternatives for staying warm during the winter months.

The trend marks a shift in the Chinese fashion scene, as military coats are making a comeback after leather jackets and down jackets had dominated the market for several years. In the 1980s and 1990s, military coats were a popular and affordable choice for many Chinese people, before being gradually displaced by newer trends in winter wear.

In line with China’s ongoing economic challenges, the return of military coats signals a consumer preference for practical and budget-friendly clothing options. This shift in buying preferences is evident in the online chatter among Chinese consumers, with discussions on the rising prices of down jackets fueling the increased interest in military coats as a viable alternative.

Young people, in particular, have been driving the renewed interest in military coats, with the category emerging as the most popular alternative to down jackets this year. According to Blue Whale Finance, sales of jackets and military coats during the Double Eleven event saw a significant increase, with jackets alone experiencing a 200% year-on-year surge in sales.

The appeal of military coats lies in their affordability and effectiveness in keeping warm, especially in colder regions of China. College students in Liaoning, Hebei, and other northern provinces have been seen forming groups to wear military coats to class, touting their practicality and warmth. As a result, military coats have become a viral sensation, with online platforms reporting a surge in searches and sales for the outerwear.

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According to reports, the popularity of military coats on e-commerce platforms has soared, with their affordability and thermal insulation capabilities making them an attractive option for young consumers. Contrary to the declining sales of down jackets, many retailers have reported a significant uptick in the demand for military coats, with some experiencing tripled sales compared to previous years.

The resurgence of military coats in China has been attributed to a form of “reverse consumption,” where young people are choosing to make practical and budget-conscious purchasing decisions amidst a challenging economic climate. As the demand for military coats continues to rise, it is evident that Chinese consumers are seeking value and functionality in their winter clothing choices, signaling a shift away from luxury-driven trends.

In the face of soaring down jacket prices, the resurgence of military coats serves as a testament to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior, with practicality and cost-effectiveness taking precedence in the winter wear market. As the winter season progresses, the popularity of military coats is expected to remain a dominant trend in China’s fashion landscape, offering consumers a practical and affordable option for staying warm.

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