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In L’Oreal arrive the leave for caregivers and 3,200 euros as a premium

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In L’Oréal Italy, attention is being paid to parenting and work-family reconciliation. The new supplementary contract signed with the trade unions and valid until 2023 provides for the paid leave for the father or second parent to be increased to 6 weeks, increases the company economic contribution to 30% in case of use of the optional leave, thus bringing support for this form of leave to 60%, including the INPS contribution. In addition, the company increases the paid leave for sick leave of the child to three days a year and confirms the initiatives on part-time, flexible hours and permits for medical examinations. Parenting is also supported for the children of elderly parents, so much so that the days a year of paid leave for the assistance of family members over 75 or non self-sufficient are increased to three. Employees who request it will be granted part-time work of 6 hours for a maximum of 3 years and flexible hours.

Support for parenting

This is an agreement that strengthens corporate welfare with measures to support parents, employees with elderly or non-self-sufficient parents, but which also addresses the more strictly economic issues, with an increase in health contributions (to the Faschim fund), and the participation bonus, which can reach up to 3,200 gross euros in 2023. It is an agreement “the result of fruitful consultation with the social partners, with whom we have worked in a modern and innovative way – explains Massimo Re, director of relations L’Oréal Italia industrialists -. We believe that the contents of this new agreement are positioned among the best practices at a national level “.

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I flexible benefit e il welfare

The agreement strengthens the “flexible benefits” for purchases of goods and services, and increases the bonus increase to 20% in the event of conversion of the participation bonus. On the health front, the contract provides for a new coverage paid by the company to the employee share for the Faschim category health fund. The strengthening of welfare is part of the international “Share & Care” program, launched in 2013 to establish a common basis for social protection in all the countries where L’Orèal is present.

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