Home Business In Piazza Affari, a day of strong changes: STM (+ 6%) in the top twenty years, Saipem (-11%), Nexi and TIM derail

In Piazza Affari, a day of strong changes: STM (+ 6%) in the top twenty years, Saipem (-11%), Nexi and TIM derail

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Thursday full of ideas on the markets with the ECB which confirmed its monetary policy by postponing any discussion relating to the pandemic QE to December. According to analysts, the PEPP will be gradually reduced starting from January 2022 and completed in March. From the partial macro disappointment of US GDP, which grew at an annualized rate of 2% in the third quarter of 2021, strongly decelerating from the 6.7% growth recorded in the second quarter. Consensus estimates were for a less marked slowdown to + 2.7%.

At the end of the day, the Ftse Mib recorded an increase to 26,890 points (+ 0.31%). In Milan the quarterly papers are held. On the STM shields, which immediately posted a + 6.4% which projected the stock over 41 euros, to the highest in over 20 years, driven by the excellent news emerging from the third quarter data (+ 19% of revenues and 474 million $ for net profit) with upward revision of the guidance.

Unicredit also did well (+ 0.58% to € 11.492), also the protagonist of a quarterly report beyond expectations and an upward revision of the guidance. Saipem, on the other hand, fell on the stock exchange by 10.98% to € 1.94 thanks to the disappointing adjusted EBITDA, negative for 25 million, significantly worsening compared to the +136 million of the previous year. Telecom Italia also fell sharply (-5.67% to € 0.3175), after the quarterly data which showed revenues on an organic basis and gross operating margin in contraction and a downward revision of the guidance.

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Among the other stocks, the + 4.2% of Diasorin and the + 3.3% of Amplifon stand out. Over + 2% for Exor and Ferrari. New thud for Nexi who closed at over -9%.

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