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In the era of Chang’an, Huawei and Ningde, how to build an electric car with temperature and understanding human emotional needs-OFweek Lithium Grid

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In the era of Chang’an, Huawei and Ningde, how to build an electric car that has temperature and understands human emotional needs

A car that has a sense of future and technology, and at the same time understands the emotional needs of humanselectric carWhat should it look like? The young new brand Avita has just given its own answer. On November 15, Avita, a high-end smart electric vehicle brand, held its global debut in Shanghai. At the press conference, Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Avita Technology, elaborated on the development vision and mission of Avita Technology, as well as the core values ​​of the brand. The Avita 11, the first emotionally intelligent electric car of the Avita brand, was also officially unveiled at the press conference.

The car should not be cold but warm

Although it is a new brand that has not been born for a long time, it seems that Avita has been planning for a long time.With Changan Automobile, Huawei andNingde eraTogether, Avita Technology has anchored its position as a world-class high-end brand since its inception. At the press conference, Changan Automobile Chairman Zhu Huarong and Ningde Times Chairman Zeng Yuqun both gave high expectations in their video speeches, and said that Avita has opened a new era of emotional intelligent electric vehicles.

So what exactly is an emotional smart electric car? Under the wave of global automotive electrification, intelligence, and connectivity, automobiles are evolving from transportation tools to smart mobile spaces, and consumers have more and more emotional expectations for smart electric vehicles. It is precisely based on the profound insight into user needs that the Avita brand first proposed the “E.I. Theoretical System of User Needs”, that is, emotional intelligence. Tan Benhong believes that being warm and considerate should not be just about after-sales service and user reception. The car itself should not be cold, but also warm and considerate, which is also the requirement of users. Users demand that the car itself be warm and considerate, to be warm and considerate to me, to know that I understand me, and to personify the car.

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This new theory believes that high-end luxury is the common demand of users for high-end smart electric vehicles, but it is not enough. Users also need meticulous warmth and consideration. And Avita’s solution is to firmly weld high-end luxury and warmth and consideration through humanized technology. This is the pursuit of the Avita brand and the theoretical basis of the Avita brand: emotional intelligence.

Tan Benhong said: Starting from the psychological needs of consumers, Avita actively explores future-oriented humanized travel technology, creates an emotionally intelligent travel experience for users, and creates a full-scene interconnected intelligent life. “We firmly believe that intelligence will eventually be full of emotions, and we are committed to promoting the accelerated arrival of the’emotional intelligent electric vehicle era’.”

Avita creates a new industry cooperation model

In the past two years, domestic auto companies have launched independent high-end electric vehicle brands, such as GAC’s Aian, Dongfeng’s Lantu, BAIC’s Polar Fox, Geely’s Jikrypton, Great Wall’s Salon, SAIC’s Zhiji and Feifan, and so on. It can be said that there are many automobile brands and a blowout of electric vehicle brands. These high-end electric vehicle brands all have a certain degree of cooperation with technology companies or Internet companies.

However, the Avita brand integrates the three industry leaders of Changan Automobile, Huawei and CATL, and has unique advantages in the field of intelligent vehicle R&D, intelligent vehicle solutions and intelligent energy ecology, and join hands to create leading intelligent electric vehicles. Technology platform-CHN, build an integrated core competitive advantage, and jointly build a global brand of high-end smart electric vehicles. This strong alliance, resource sharing, and in-depth integration of cooperation has created a brand-new cooperation model in the automotive industry.

This pioneering industry cooperation model fundamentally ensures the in-depth integration of superior resources in various vertical fields, creates benchmark products and experiences, and thus stimulates deeper industry changes. It is precisely because of this high-end positioning and model that Avita has obtained a fast entry ticket in the field of high-end electric SEV. Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said in a video speech: I have always had a judgment and belief that a world-class Chinese brand will be born within ten years. This is also my expectation for Avita. Changan will have accumulated a century of technical capabilities, together with the latest scientific research results, all unreservedly given to Avita. CHN, a pioneering smart electric vehicle technology platform, will surely inject Avita’s ability to integrate’hardware + software + digital contacts + smart ecology’.

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Yu Chengdong, Executive Director of Huawei Technologies and CEO of Smart Car Solutions BU, said: Relying on our 30 years of technology accumulation in the ICT field, through Huawei Inside, we provide Avita with a total solution for smart cars, hoping that it can become in the minds of users. Products that truly love and trust help Avita build a world-class Chinese high-end brand.

The chairman of CATL, Zeng Yuqun, is full of confidence in the future development of the Avita brand. He said that based on the common vision of achieving dual-carbon goals and full electrification, the cooperation between CATL and Avita Technology began with the joint research and development of the CHN platform, but it is far more than technology investment. We have full confidence in the long-term development of Avita Technology. CATL will provide a steady stream of driving power for the new generation of intelligent electric vehicles under Avita Technology, and create a more low-carbon and smart new energy travel for end users. Life.

The first product is simple, fashionable and high in technology

Avita 11 was born from the “CHN technology platform” jointly developed by Changan Automobile, Huawei Technologies and CATL, which integrates hardware + software + digital contacts + smart ecology to create a high-end smart electric vehicle facing the future.

On November 15th, Avita’s first model, the Avita 11, which debuted for the first time, earned enough discussion enthusiasm for its first exposure. The bold shape and recognizable tail design are particularly impressive. Avita 11 is designed by Avita Global Design Center in Munich, Germany. The overall shape is very avant-garde, simple, stylish, dynamic, and high in value. The F-shaped headlight combination of Avita 11 has slender lines and simple and elegant sideways. The lines of the two windows quickly merge at the rear of the body to form a sharp V-shaped acute angle, which is inspired by the design of a coupe. Above the through taillights is an inverted trapezoidal rear window, which is not the same as the current popular electric car design, but more like a design inspiration from a yacht.

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Avita 11recharge mileageOver 700 kilometers, acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers in less than 4 seconds, with 200 kilowatts of high-voltage super fast charging and 400 Tops computing power, which can realize intelligent driving.

At present, Avita Technology is located in Chongqing, Shanghai and Munich, Germany. Chongqing is the global vehicle planning, research and development and manufacturing center, Shanghai is the brand and software research and development center, and Munich is the global design center.
According to reports, Avita’s self-built intelligent flexible production line is located in Chongqing, which can achieve an annual production capacity of up to 350,000 vehicles. At present, Avita 11’s first body-in-white has been successfully trial-produced and rolled off the assembly line at the Chongqing plant in October this year. Currently, Avita 11’s interior and more product details have not yet been exposed, and we will keep looking forward to it.

Tan Benhong announced that the first emotional smart electric car Avita 11 will be officially released in the second quarter of next year, and mass production and user delivery will be achieved in the third quarter of next year. In the next five years, Avita Technology will launch four new models of high-end electric vehicles. (End) This article was simultaneously published on the China Automotive Trend Network

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