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In the past month, 790 companies have been investigated by institutions and this track is “preferred”

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Original title: In the past month, 790 companies have been investigated by institutions. This track is “preferred”

Sino-Singapore Jingwei, December 2 (Lin Jian) ​​The pace of investigations of A-share listed companies is one of the reference indicators for many small and medium-sized investors to invest. Investors tend to invest in companies that are frequently investigated by institutions and show greater investment interest. Take a look.

Since November, the total number of listed companies surveyed by institutions including securities companies, fund companies, insurance institutions, asset management companies and professional investment institutions has reached 790. Among them, industrial machinery companies accounted for the largest proportion of all companies surveyed by the institution. In addition, from the perspective of the secondary market, most of these companies under investigation are also out of a good market.

Institutions “flooded into” Fuling mustard tuber

Judging from the number of surveyed institutions, Fuling Mustard, Zhifei Biological, Yan’an Bikang, Inovance Technology, Huali Group, Kaili Medical, Xinzhoubang, Hailiang, Qi’anxin-U, Transsion Holdings and other stocks rank the top. Among them, Fuling mustard tuber has been investigated by 458 institutions in total, and the number of investigations far exceeds the second place Zhifei Biology, which was investigated by 290 institutions.

The consumer industry represented by food and beverage has recently ushered in a wave of “price increases”, and Fuling mustard tuber is also one of them. On November 14, Fuling mustard tuber announced to increase the prices of some products, ranging from 3% to 19% for each category.

Fuling mustard tuber stated in an institutional survey on November 18 that the price adjustment is based on the continuous increase in the cost of main raw materials, packaging materials, and auxiliary materials, as well as the increase in costs brought about by the company’s optimized and upgraded products. The price adjustment may have a certain impact on market sales. However, the impact on the company’s future performance is uncertain.

Affected by factors such as rising raw material prices, the performance of Fuling mustard tuber has declined significantly. In the first three quarters of this year, the company achieved a net profit of 504 million yuan attributable to the parent, a year-on-year decrease of 17.92%. The third quarter achieved a net profit of 127 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 39.07%.

However, after the release of the third quarter report of Fuling mustard tuber, the company was still “sung more” by many organizations. 15 institutions including Essence Securities, Huachuang Securities, China Securities, Minsheng Securities, Guosheng Securities, etc., put forward a “buy” rating, and China Merchants Securities is “strongly recommended.”

Sino-Singapore Jingwei noted that in November, Fuling Zhacai received surveys from 458 institutions including 87 public funds, 45 securities firms, 66 private equity, 29 insurance funds, and 49 overseas institutions. In the secondary market, the share price of Fuling mustard tuber had a poor performance in the first two quarters and began to pick up in the third quarter. However, from the perspective of capital inflows and outflows in the past five trading days, Fuling mustard mustard funds are outflowing overall, with an outflow of 38,634,700 yuan, which is not outstanding.

Yan’an Bikang “resurrected”

Wind data shows that in the past five trading days (November 26 to December 2), about 190 companies in the two cities were investigated by institutions. Among them, Yan’an Bikang received the most attention, and as many as 260 institutions participated in the investigation.

Yan’an Bikang was established in 2002 and went public on the backdoor in December 2015. According to the latest research situation, the organization is very concerned about the development of Jiujiujiu Technology, a subsidiary of Yan’an Bikang Holdings. QFII, insurance companies, others, fund companies, overseas institutions, securities companies, and Sunshine private equity institutions participated in the video conference of Yan’an Bikang on November 30.

According to public information, Jiujiujiu Technology’s main business includes new energy, new materials and pharmaceutical intermediates. The company is one of the earliest companies in the field of lithium battery electrolytes in China. It participated in the drafting of industry standards and analysis methods for lithium hexafluorophosphate products. Relevant industry standards.

Lithium hexafluorophosphate is one of the core raw materials of lithium-ion battery electrolyte. Benefiting from the development of new energy vehicles and the support of national policies for the new energy industry, the strong demand for power batteries has driven the market demand for lithium battery materials, and the market price of lithium hexafluorophosphate has continued to rise. According to the introduction of Jiujiu Technology, based on the demand for new energy vehicles and other application fields and the current situation of tight supply and demand in the lithium hexafluorophosphate market, it believes that the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate will remain high in the future. The company’s lithium hexafluorophosphate production capacity currently exceeds 6,400 tons per year.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei noted that Jiujiujiu Technology was once regarded by the market as the “discarded son” of Yan’an Bikang. The company’s shares have been “sold” by Yan’an Bikang many times, but the results have failed. In March 2020, Yan’an Bikang planned to split Jiujiujiu Technology into the market, but it was investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and this involved the Yan’an Bikang “explosion” incident. On December 7th of the same year, Yan’an Bikang planned to transfer 74.24% equity of Jiujiu Technology, but the transaction still failed. However, with the rise of the new energy industry, Jiujiujiu Technology has become a “sweet potato” and “helped” Yan’an Bikang, whose net profit has fallen for two years, to regain its glory.

In the secondary market, it may benefit from factors such as industry enthusiasm, product price increases of subsidiaries and company performance. This year, Yan’an Bikang’s stock price trend has reversed the decline since the second half of 2018. So far, the cumulative increase has exceeded 150%. , The stock price is reported at 13.3 yuan per share, but it is still far from the level of 30 yuan per share in 2018. Calculated on December 2, in the past five trading days, Yan’an Bikang had a net inflow of 112,885,200 yuan.

Industrial machinery companies are “favored”

Sino-Singapore Jingwei noticed that from the situation disclosed in the current annual report performance forecast of A shares, the performance of pharmaceutical and biological, electronic, light industrial manufacturing and electrical equipment companies has increased significantly. In addition, “smart money” funds from the north have also recently favored growth sectors such as electrical equipment and electronics.

The above phenomenon has also been echoed from the path of institutional research. Taking the Wind industry as a classification, electrical components and equipment, electronic components, food, industrial machinery, etc. are the most frequently investigated industries this month. Among them, industrial machinery companies account for the largest proportion of the 790 companies surveyed by the institution, followed by Electrical components and equipment.

Since November, among the 790 companies surveyed, about 130 companies’ share prices have fallen, accounting for about 17% of the total. So, can these subjects who are “enthusiastically” researched by the institution benefit from it?

Chen Mengjie, chief strategy analyst of Yuekai Securities Research Institute, said in an interview with Sino-Singapore Jingwei that in terms of investment, we can stick to the allocation opportunities of high-prosperity and high-growth sectors represented by new energy and semiconductors. It can also focus on exploring high-quality low-end products, especially low-sucking opportunities in large consumer sectors. In 2022, leading consumer products companies are expected to usher in the “Davis Double Click” of valuation and profitability.

Shanxi Securities strategist Ma Wenyu suggested that in the near future, maintain a balanced allocation to seize the opportunities of individual stocks in the rotation of the sector, and at the same time choose the opportunity to lay out the performance and the low-value blue-chip targets that are expected to be repaired, as well as those with strong performance certainty and high prosperity. Low valuation track.

Industrial Securities pointed out that at present, market risk factors are gradually fading, worries are gradually relieved, risk appetite has accelerated into the rising window, and the new year’s market has been slowly unfolding. Zhang Qiyao, chief strategist of Industrial Securities, is optimistic about photovoltaics, wind power, new energy vehicles, military industry, semiconductors, 5G new infrastructure, innovative drug industry chain and CXO tracks. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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