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Increase credit supply, flexibly adjust repayment and interest payment, Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau 15 financial measures to relieve difficulties |

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“Due to stagnation, receivables cannot be received in time, and there is a lot of pressure on loan repayment”, “We are a technology company, and the labor cost is very high. During the epidemic, production and production were suspended, and the company’s income was reduced, and the pressure was great”, “The factory is closed, wages, etc. Fixed fees must also be paid as usual, and the company’s financial pressure is very high.” Recently, Yicai has received feedback from many small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households after launching the “Anti-epidemic Enterprise Assistance Platform”. Among them, financial pressure is the main problem it faces.

In this regard, the financial regulatory authorities and institutions in Shanghai have continuously introduced relevant measures to increase credit support to help enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in Shanghai resume work and production and tide over the difficulties. On April 21, a reporter from China Business News was informed that the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau recently issued the “Notice on Adhering to the People First and Doing a Good Job in Financial Support for Anti-epidemic and Resumption of Work and Production” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), proposing 15 benefits for the people. The measures for protecting enterprises mainly include increasing credit issuance, strengthening support for enterprises with liquidity difficulties, actively reducing fees and giving profits, and increasing financial services to the industrial chain, etc., to guide the flow of credit funds to places where they are needed.

At the same time, in order to ensure the effectiveness of financial services, the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau encourages financial institutions to improve incentive and restraint policies, emphasizing that all banking and insurance institutions should make financial support for the fight against the epidemic and the resumption of work and production as the key tasks this year, and the fulfillment of social responsibilities. For important content, the “top leader” responsibility system shall be implemented, and it shall be included in the annual key work assessment.

Increase credit for affected enterprises and people

In this round of epidemic prevention and control, the income of many enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households has been affected, and lack of money has become the primary problem.

“Our company is a private enterprise that mainly relies on the railway network to provide travel services. Under the epidemic, the number of railway passengers has dropped sharply. Recently, the company’s income has almost stopped, but the company has a large number of employees, and the monthly salary of employees and the rent of business premises in high-speed railway stations are There is a lot of pressure on other expenses.” The relevant person in charge of Shanghai Yuetu Industrial Development Co., Ltd. said on the Yicai “Anti-epidemic Helping Enterprises” platform, hoping that relevant departments can provide more convenient conditions in terms of corporate credit.

There are many companies with similar demands as Shanghai Yuetu Industrial Development Co., Ltd. In the financial anti-epidemic policy, increasing the amount of credit is the main way, but how to make the financial water flow to these enterprises more accurately requires not only the active action of financial institutions, but also the fine guidance of financial policies.

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The “Notice” issued by the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau a few days ago has clearly stipulated the fields and groups of credit inclined. The “Notice” stated that banking institutions are encouraged to separate credit plans and take the initiative to connectPeople’s livelihood security, epidemic prevention construction, medicine and medical treatment, material productionTo ensure that sufficient credit resources are invested in the credit needs of enterprises that manufacture and manufacture anti-epidemic materials, enterprises that guarantee supply and smooth supply, and related groups.

At the same time, for those affected by the epidemicTourism, accommodation and catering, wholesale and retail, transportation, logistics and warehousing, culture and entertainment, exhibition and other industries, strengthen research and judgment, and do a good job of docking. For enterprises with development prospects and good reputation but temporarily troubled by liquidity, they must not blindly withdraw, cut off, or suppress loans. Efforts will be made to explore new loan customers, increase the ratio of first-time loan customers, and ensure that all loans can be made and all loans should be made, so as to stabilize the financing expectations of enterprises and the people.

In addition to the above-mentioned industries, the policy also takes into account the small, medium and micro enterprises and groups of people who have been greatly affected by the epidemic. The “Notice” clarifies that it is necessary to increase financial relief efforts and strengthen support for companies with liquidity difficulties. for example,For industries and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that have been greatly affected by the epidemic this year, but have the willingness to repay and have a strong ability to absorb employment, support banking institutions in accordance with the principle of marketization, and both parties independently negotiate to determine relief through loan renewal, extension, etc.in principle, it can be continued as long as it should be, and try its best to support the resumption of work and production by market players.

in addition,For those who are hospitalized or quarantined due to infection with COVID-19, those who participate in epidemic prevention and control, those who guarantee supply and security, and those who have temporarily lost their source of income due to the impact of the epidemicall financial institutions should increase their tilt,Flexibility to adjust home mortgage, personal loan and credit card repayment arrangementsReasonably delay the repayment period, if you can reduce it, you will reduce it, if you can, let it go. The repayment time and method are determined by both parties through negotiation.

Not only increased credit support, but also in other related supporting services, the policy has also given a lot of support, such as encouraging financial institutions to make up for the price with the amount, make up the apology with the abundance, make good use of the re-lending, re-discount policy tools and various discounts Policies to make reasonable profits to the real economy; compress the financing chain and intermediate links, cancel some charging items and unreasonable conditions in the credit link, and reduce the burden on enterprises in various ways in the credit enhancement link; Management, payment and settlement, financing guarantee and other aspects of the implementation of fee reductions and exemptions.

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Strengthen the coordination of the industrial chain to resume work and resume financial services

As the epidemic prevention and control situation in the city has stabilized and improved, the resumption of work and production of industrial enterprises has been put on the agenda. A few days ago, Shanghai issued the first batch of “white list” notices for key enterprises, and will focus resources to give priority to ensuring the resumption of work and production of 666 key industrial enterprises in key industries such as integrated circuits, automobile manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, and biomedicine to ensure the supply chain of the industrial chain. Stable and smooth.

The resumption of work and production of enterprises is inseparable from financial support. “It is necessary to strengthen the financial services for the coordinated resumption of work and production in the industrial chain.” The “Notice” stated that after supporting core enterprises to raise funds through credit, bonds, etc., reduce the capital occupation of upstream and downstream enterprises in an appropriate way, and help small, medium and micro enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Solve problems such as tight liquidity.

Simultaneously,Strengthen the connection between banks and enterprises and smooth financing, and increase credit support for small, medium and micro enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain through accounts receivable financing, order financing, advance payment financing, inventory and warehouse receipt pledge financing, etc.; Increase foreign trade credit, increase the coverage of export credit insurance, and support the coordinated development of the global industrial chain; further optimize supply chain financing service products and processing procedures through a combination of online and offline methods, providing enterprises with a convenient and fast supply chain Financing Services.

In this regard, the reporter learned that some companies have obtained relevant support. Desano is a pharmaceutical company with Shanghai as its headquarters and production base, and is one of the 666 key companies. Recently, companies have successively submitted to Bank of China several foreign-related guarantee letters. According to the requirements of business contracts, the content of relevant letters of guarantee is complex and the submission time is urgent. BOC Shanghai Branch established a special service team to provide it with many-to-one services, and adopted the contactless service method of “online application and online review” to efficiently complete the business and ensure the continuity of the enterprise’s pharmaceutical preparation business.

China Construction First Bureau has a large number of projects under construction across the country. Affected by the epidemic, the supply chain financing needs are urgent. Recently, with the support of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the company successfully issued “Shenzhen Deyuan Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. 2022 China Construction First Bureau No. 1 Phase 1 Supply Chain Green Targeted Asset-Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP)”, which is the first supply in the country. The chain (payable) green asset supports the rolling renewal of the commercial paper series. It is reported that the commercial paper issuance amounted to 213 million yuan, and all the funds raised were used to pay suppliers of materials, engineering and labor services to support the construction of a number of green projects for people’s livelihood and industrial security. Among them, most of the suppliers are small and medium-sized enterprises with a single account receivable of less than 5 million yuan.

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In addition to strengthening the financial services of the industrial chain, the security of freight logistics is also the focus of financial institutions. The “Notice” stated that all banking and insurance institutions should increase credit support and insurance protection for individuals such as transportation and logistics enterprises and truck drivers, and innovate insurance products for resumption of work and production. for example,Encourage banking and insurance institutions to optimize the approval process in accordance with market-oriented principles, and provide flexible and convenient financial services to transportation enterprises that undertake heavy tasks of epidemic prevention and control and emergency transportation; Guide insurance companies to actively develop products such as cargo transportation insurance, road cargo transportation carrier liability insurance, etc., to provide risk protection for the logistics industry and related groups;Encourage customized insurance plans for drivers, postal couriers, medical staff, community workers, public welfare volunteers, etc.

Improve performance appraisal to support epidemic-related business

In order to ensure the effectiveness of financial services and increase the enthusiasm of financial institutions, the “Notice” also encourages financial institutions to improve performance appraisal, clearly stating that legal entities should take the initiative to communicate with major shareholders, and branches should take the initiative to report to higher-level units to improve the performance appraisal system. , give preferential support to the internal pricing of epidemic-related businesses, and actively strive for favorable policy support.

In addition, the “Notice” also requires,Implement the regulatory requirements that the tolerance for non-performing loans of inclusive small and micro enterprises can be relaxed to no higher than 3 percentage points of the non-performing rate of various loanswhich should be reflected in the assessment of small and micro business lines and branches to avoid internal pressure on non-performing loan assessments;Implement the due diligence exemption systemIt is necessary to study and formulate a due diligence exemption system or a list of exemption behaviors during special periodseach branch should increase the business guidance to the grass-roots outlets and clarify the report request process in special periods.

In terms of supervision and evaluation, the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau emphasized that it will strengthen the supervision and evaluation of supervision.This year, we will focus on strengthening the supervision of financial support for fighting the epidemic and resumption of work and production.Supervise and guide all banking and insurance institutions to take financial support to fight the epidemic and resume work and production as a key task and an important part of fulfilling social responsibilities,implementnumber oneResponsibility system, included in the annual key work assessment

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