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Increase in bills: anti-inflation measures risk slipping

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The new measures against higher bills could be postponed by a few days, because it is difficult – according to various government sources – to close the text on Thursday. «We are on the high seas, difficult, if not impossible, to succeed …» confirms a Mef source to beraking latest news.

Although at Palazzo Chigi there is the will to accelerate – the technical meetings on the subject continue – it is unlikely that it can be closed before the vote on the Colle, starting on Monday 24 January. On Thursday the support dl will arrive on the table of the Council of Ministers, to restore the sectors most affected by the latest anti-Covid measures, in particular tourism, sports and discos, with a dowry of 1 billion and two hundred million. Work continues on the bill dossier – the pressing of the majority forces on the issue is very high – evaluating, among other things, the possibility of allocating the proceeds from auctions for Co2 emissions to mitigate the increases in electricity and gas. On the high seas, on the other hand, the hypothesis of a contribution from large groups: there would also be meetings underway with the experts, but the hope of reaching a synthesis as early as Thursday would be reduced to a flicker.

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