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Increased excise duties on petrol and diesel: this is how much prices go up

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Increased excise duties on petrol and diesel: this is how much prices go up

Here comes the excise effect on fuels. In fact, the cut in the tax discount on petrol, diesel and LPG, which was in effect from 22 March, is operational from today. Operators have accordingly adjusted the recommended prices of the three fuels which have therefore risen by 12 cents/litre for petrol and diesel and 2 cents/litre in the case of LPG, to take account of the new rates inclusive of VAT. The interventions will be visible during the day in the distributors present along the national network which will therefore display prices charged with increased excise duties.

However, the increase in fuel prices cannot yet be seen from the monitoring carried out by Quotidiano Energia of the data communicated by the managers to Mimit’s Observatory as the latest numbers available are updated at 8 am yesterday 30 November. The picture that emerges actually shows prices at the pump still falling following the cuts decided by operators in recent days. In particular, as at 30 November, the national average price of petrol in self-service mode was 1.644 euro/litre (1.650 the previous value), with the various brands ranging between 1.628 and 1.653 euro/litre (no logo 1.655).

The average price charged for diesel self goes to 1.726 euro/litre (against 1.733), with the companies between 1.709 and 1.737 euro/litre (no logo 1.731). As for the fuel served, the average price charged for petrol, again as at 30 November, was 1.794 euro/litre (1.801 the previous figure) with colored systems charging prices between 1.725 and 1.844 euro/litre (no logo 1.710). The average of diesel served is 1.876 euros/litre (against 1.885), with the companies’ points of sale charging average prices between 1.806 and 1.929 euros/litre (no logo 1.784). The prices charged for LPG are positioned between 0.764 and 0.783 euro/litre (no logo 0.750). Finally, the average price of CNG for cars is between 2.138 and 2.409 (no logo 2.205).

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