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Industry Weapon Digital Economy and Wealth Management Coordinated Development|Wealth Management|Digital Economy|Digital Currency_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: Industry Weapon, Digital Economy and Wealth Management Coordinated Development

From October 23rd to October 24th, the “2021 Global Wealth Management Forum” was held. The theme of the forum was “Building a New Highland of Open and Innovative Wealth Management”. Experts at the forum discussed how to coordinate the development of the digital economy and the transformation of wealth management. open discussion.

Li Dongrong, chairman of the Internet Finance Association of China and former deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, said that the first is to effectively improve the level of wealth management to support the digital economy, and in the process of promoting the healthy development of the digital economy, achieve wealth preservation and appreciation and stable development of the industry. The second is to continue to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in the wealth management industry. Various wealth management institutions should provide more precise and refined wealth management services for various customer groups to help achieve the goal of common prosperity. The third is to do a good job in the risk prevention and control of digital wealth management, and conduct a comprehensive and dynamic supervision of all aspects of wealth management products, especially to identify the final investors of the products upwards, and identify the underlying assets of the products downwards, so as to truly realize the wealth management business. Penetrating supervision. The fourth is to focus on strengthening investor protection and the construction of digital financial literacy to ensure “sell appropriate financial products to appropriate investors”. At the same time, financial education for different customer groups is carried out to help investors establish scientific and correct investment concepts.

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Li Lihui, head of the blockchain research group of the China Internet Finance Association and former president of the Bank of China, believes that, first of all, make the digital renminbi the world’s best central bank digital currency. It is necessary to further improve the underlying technical architecture, improve the design of application scenarios, improve the system and mechanism of the central bank’s digital currency operation and management, and ensure the large-scale and reliable application of digital renminbi in the high-concurrency market. At the same time, promote the internationalization of the digital renminbi.

Second, establish a security barrier to control decentralized finance. In-depth analysis should be made on the already possessed and potential “disruptive” performance of digital technologies such as distributed peer-to-peer architecture and decentralized architecture, and focus on the possible paths for decentralized financial instruments based on new digital technologies to traverse the barriers of financial infrastructure, and research technologies Countermeasures and policy plans to build a digital financial security barrier.

Third, establish penetrating digital financial supervision. The digital financial supervision system should be jointly constructed and shared by financial supervision departments, can implement consistent compliance standards, cover all financial institutions, penetrate different financial markets and financial businesses, and realize full-process and all-round intelligent financial supervision and reduce The cost of supervision and the cost of being supervised.

“Digital currency can radiate network-free and remote payment scenarios, which will capture the transaction behavior of long-tail people, bridge the communication in the payment field, and create better conditions for wealth management to reach individuals.” ICBC International Chief Economist, Managing Director Cheng Shi said.

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Chen Ying, chairman of Evergrowing Bank, said that digitalization has improved the precision of marketing, the specialization of investment research and investment management, and the agility of middle and back office management, effectively matching the supply and demand of personalized wealth management products, and satisfying the needs of thousands of people. Wealth management needs become possible.


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