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INFINITI Unveils Comprehensive Renovation Plan for Deeper Guest Connections

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INFINITI Unveils Comprehensive Renovation Plan for Deeper Guest Connections

INFINITI Unveils Comprehensive Rebranding and Renewal Plan for 2023

INFINITI, the Japanese modern luxury brand, has announced a comprehensive renovation aimed at creating new and deeper connections with its guests. This renewal encompasses every point through which the guest interacts with the brand, including a redesigned logo and architecture for its dealerships, as well as significant announcements regarding its electrification plans.

The brand’s transformation plan, set to be implemented throughout 2023, began with the unveiling of a new logo that reflects the brand’s forward-thinking philosophy and commitment to challenging convention. The logo, based on the path to infinity, has been redesigned to emphasize the “infinite path” and the horizon line. This evolution of the logo, now in its fourth version, places greater emphasis on the brand’s ideology and history while offering a more modern and dynamic look.

In addition to the logo redesign, INFINITI has also reshaped the architecture of its dealerships, introducing a multisensory signature that incorporates music and a specific brand aroma to deepen the guest’s experience and allow them to delve into the INFINITI philosophy.

Further solidifying its commitment to sustainability, INFINITI introduced the Vision QX-e, a stylish all-new electric sedan concept, and previewed an advanced all-electric SUV at the Japan Mobility Show. The brand also announced plans to electrify the majority of its portfolio by 2030, emphasizing its dedication to a more sustainable future.

To complement the new logo and emblem, INFINITI also created a dynamic skyline graphic that captures the moment of sunrise, using a color scheme inspired by the night sky and early morning light to evoke a sense of natural beauty and serenity.

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Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of global design at INFINITI, reflected on the inspiration behind the brand’s new logo and emblem, stating, “It is rare that a logo captures an abstract and poetic concept, such as an infinite path.” The new three-dimensional emblem, which will adorn future production vehicles, aims to provide greater depth and express dynamism, movement, and power.

INFINITI’s latest changes underscore the brand’s commitment to creating extraordinary experiences for its guests while maintaining elements of its DNA and history. As the brand continues to evolve and push boundaries, it is clear that INFINITI is setting the stage for a new era that will exceed expectations and continue to prioritize human contact and meaningful connections with its guests.

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