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Inflation drives large-scale distribution: sales up 6.7%

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Inflation drives large-scale distribution: sales up 6.7%

GDO, the Mediobanca Observatory detects a growth in sales of +6.7% due to inflation

The new edition of the Mediobanca Research Area’s Observatory on Italian and international large-scale retail trade and food prevalently aggregates the economic and financial data of 130 national companies and 31 major international players for the period 2017-2021; for Italy coverage is estimated at 97.6% of the market.
What emerges, in summary, is how inflation in 2022 will push sales in Italian large-scale distribution, but there is an erosion of margins. In a context strongly marked by high prices, discount stores and private labels become the consumer’s way out.

In detail, the preliminary data of the grandi retailer listed international companies indicate sales in 2022 up by 7.8% but with a decline in industrial margins by 6.2%. For the Italian large-scale distribution on the other hand, sales growth of 6.7% in 2022 is expected with the Ebit margin decreasing to 1.4% from 2.4% in 2021. Inflation threatens the maintenance of demand, down by 6% in January 2023, eroding consumers’ purchasing power despite a further increase in sales of 2.8% is forecast for 2023. The search for more savings opportunities by consumers pushesin particular, i products a brand name of the distributor (Mdd) which will reach sales of 12.8 billion euros in 2022 (+9.4% on 2021) and the discount projected over 22% of the market (17.4% in 2017).

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