Home Business Inflation still skyrocketing, Codacons: “Tragic situation for families”

Inflation still skyrocketing, Codacons: “Tragic situation for families”

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Inflation still skyrocketing, Codacons: “Tragic situation for families”

Inflation of consumer products on the rise, Codacons: “We need a recovery project to block the rise in prices”

According to the latest research by Deloitte Consumer Products Industry Outlook, 8 out of 10 companies, operating in the consumer products industry, expect to increase i prices in 2023. The companies in question are active in key sectors for consumerssuch as food and beverage, household goods, personal care and clothing, with the risk of a domino effect even more serious for the Italian economy, where more and more people are trying to save, causing a collapse in consumption.

In this scenario, Codacons raises its alarm: “The situation is really serious, because already now thousands of people and Italian families are struggling to make ends meet, and more and more people buy the bare essentials, thus limiting consumption and thus risking a domino effect on the Italian economy, which risks a very serious stalemate”, says the National President of Codacons, Marco Donzell.

“We need a relaunch project; for this reason we asked the government to freeze the price of basic necessities throughout Italy, thus allowing everyone not to have to worry about increases that have a serious impact on their lifestyle”, concludes Donzelli.

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