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Infrastructure, 29 commissioners appointed to unblock 57 public works

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – Twenty-nine extraordinary commissioners have been appointed to manage 57 public works that have been blocked for some time due to delays related to the planning and executive phases and the complexity of administrative procedures. These are 16 railway infrastructures, 14 roadways, 12 public safety barracks, 11 water works, 3 port infrastructures and a metro, for a total value of 82.7 billion (21.6 billion in the North, 24.8 billion in the Center and 36.3 billion in the South) financed, under current legislation, for about 33 billion euros. The funding will be complemented with additional national and European resources, including the Next Generation EU. In this way it will be possible to shorten the time needed to carry out important infrastructural interventions expected for years in various areas of the country, especially in the South. The commissioners are figures of high technical-administrative professionalism, immediately operational, chosen to ensure the best dialogue with the contracting stations of Anas and Rfi and with the various public administrations involved. Only in one case, as foreseen by a Cipe resolution, was the president of the Sicilian Region appointed as extraordinary commissioner. “It is an important step for the relaunch of public works in Italy. These are infrastructures long awaited by citizens and businesses, largely already financed”, comments the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini. As regards the types of interventions subject to the commissioner, the railway infrastructures have a value of 60.8 billion, the road ones 10.9 billion, the public safety structures 528 million, the water works 2.8 billion, the port infrastructures 1 , 7 billion, the subway 5.9 billion. To speed up the implementation of these interventions, in December 2020 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the trade unions which provides for the optimization of 24-hour work shifts. The state of implementation of the infrastructures is different. For some works the commissioner will allow the planning to be started, for others the quick start of construction sites. On the basis of the time schedules available, 20 construction sites are expected to open in 2021, to which 50 will be added in 2022 and a further 37 in 2023. The construction of the commissioned works will have a significant impact on employment levels: according to an assessment conducted by RFI and Anas, the employment impact of railway and road works alone can be estimated at over 68,000 average annual work units over the next ten years, with a growing profile until 2025, the year in which a direct impact on employment of over 100,000 work units. (ITALPRESS). ads / com 16-Apr-21 12:52 pm

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