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Inner Mongolia successfully carried out the first pure new energy black start test in China—— Xinhua Net Inner Mongolia Channel

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A few days ago, the first pure new energy black start test in China – the first phase of pure new energy black start test of the Inner Mongolia Power Grid Ejina Banner “Source-Net-Load-Storage” micro-grid demonstration project was a complete success. It breaks the black-start operation of traditional power systems that relies on conventional rotating power units, opens up a new application scenario for grid-structured energy storage technology (energy storage equipment technology based on new electrochemical energy storage systems), and builds a new The energy system provides an important reference.

The so-called electrochemistry means that the electrical and chemical reactions and interactions can be completed by batteries or by high-voltage electrostatic discharge. The two are collectively referred to as electrochemistry. And black start means that the entire power system is in a state of complete blackout or “all black” after the outage due to a fault, without relying on the help of other networks, through the generator set with self-starting ability in the system to drive the generator set without self-starting ability Normal operation, and gradually expand the scope of system restoration, and finally achieve the restoration of power supply of the entire power system. As the first pure new energy black-start test in China, relevant staff from the production technology department of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group, power control company, electric power science institute and Alashan power supply company, as well as R&D and engineering technicians from Nanjing Nanrui Jibao Electric Co., Ltd. Dynamic tracking and technical support.

The test uses a grid-type energy storage device as the start-up power supply. Under the condition that the microgrid is completely off-grid, it spans three voltage levels (110 kV, 35 kV, and 10 kV), and traverses the 262 kilometers from east to west and 110,000 kilometers from Ejina Banner. The square kilometer wide-area power grid supports the grid-connected power generation of two new energy stations.

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During this process, the black start system realized normal load power supply, and the photovoltaic power station and the wind farm were connected to the grid for power generation successively, and were smoothly connected to the Inner Mongolia power grid after 22 minutes of continuous and stable operation. Experiments have accumulated valuable experience.

At the same time, this test has become another power supply emergency recovery method for the Inner Mongolia Power Grid after the black start test of the Wanjiazhai hydropower unit and the black start test of the Hushi pumped storage power plant unit, which will greatly improve the power supply guarantee capability in remote areas.

It is reported that the main body of the test is the “source-grid-load-storage” micro-grid demonstration project in Ejina Banner of Inner Mongolia Power Grid, with a total investment of about 120 million yuan, aiming to solve the possible blackout problem of single power supply in Ejina Banner and remote areas.

Next, Alashan Power Supply Company will rely on the unique advantages of local new energy development, and strive to become the vanguard of the construction of new power systems. The new power system makes a greater contribution. (Reporter Yang Fan)

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