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Inner Mongolia Xinhua IPO will welcome its 27th A-share company in Inner Mongolia

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As China’s cultural consumption continues to rise, the number of listed companies whose main business is related to cultural consumption is constantly expanding. On October 21, Inner Mongolia Xinhua Publishing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Inner Mongolia Xinhua”) had a successful IPO, which means that Inner Mongolia will usher in the 27th A-share listed company. The company’s sponsor isGuoyuan Securities

According to the “National Cultural Consumption Data Report for the First Half of 2021” released by the China Tourism Research Institute, 85% of the respondents said that the frequency of cultural consumption will increase in the future, and 93% of the respondents will increase cultural consumption expenditures in the future. The “Fourteenth Five-Year” Cultural Industry Development Plan issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism clearly stated that it is necessary to expand the supply of high-quality cultural products, unblock the communication and circulation of cultural products, and release the potential for cultural consumption. Among them, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism specifically mentioned encouraging the construction of consumer gathering areas that gather special bookstores and other cultural consumption places and facilities.

Inner Mongolia Xinhua is an enterprise closely related to cultural consumption. The company is the largest publication distribution company in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is not only responsible for the distribution of Mongolian-Chinese textbooks, college and technical secondary school textbooks, preschool textbooks, political reading materials and general books, audiovisual products, and electronic publications, but also the country The task of issuing Mongolian textbooks and general Mongolian books in eight provinces and regions. Up to now, the company has built a sales network composed of 12 municipal management agencies and 231 grassroots marketing outlets in the autonomous region, covering about 3,600 schools at all levels in the autonomous region, and has built a chain with a business area of ​​nearly 60,400 square meters. Sales network.

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According to the fund-raising projects disclosed by the company, Inner Mongolia Xinhua plans to purchase real estate in Hohhot, Baotou, Chifeng, Tongliao, Bayannaoer, and Wuhai within three years. There are stores. In addition, Inner Mongolia Xinhua’s IPO project also includes a smart supply chain integration construction project, a smart education service system construction project, and a smart operation management system upgrade project.

Financial data show that from 2018 to 2020, Inner Mongolia Xinhua will achieveOperating income1.093 billion yuan, 1.205 billion yuan and 1.27 billion yuan, realizing theNet profit157 million yuan, 183 million yuan and 200 million yuan. In terms of specific business, in 2020, general book sales will be the main source of the company’s revenue, accounting for 62.62% of the total revenue, textbooks and books accounted for 30.99% of the total revenue, and educational equipment and cultural supplies accounted for 6.39% of the company’s total revenue.

Public information shows that Inner Mongolia Xinhua HoldingsshareholderIt is Inner Mongolia Xinhua Holdings, and the actual controller is the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.The reporter noticed that the same A-share company’sAnhui New MediaHolds 7% of the shares of Inner Mongolia Xinhua before the issuance. It is understood that in September 2020,Anhui New MediareleaseannouncementSaid that with a strategy of 150 million yuan to invest in Inner Mongolia Xinhua.Anhui New MediaIt has been said that the two parties will establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, enhance business synergy, conduct in-depth cooperation in cultural consumption, education services, modern logistics and other fields, jointly promote the exploration of new business formats and digital transformation, and establish a technology-led and industry-leading innovative culture enterprise.

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(Source: Shanghai Securities News)

Article source: Shanghai Securities News

Original title: Inner Mongolia Xinhua IPO meeting, Inner Mongolia ushered in the 27th A-share company

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