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Innovation Drives Revitalization: Qiqihar’s Transformation and Economic Growth

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Title: Innovation Competes on a New Track, Transformation is Accelerating – The Old Industrial Base Qiqihar Writes a New Chapter in Comprehensive Revitalization

Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, October 15th

In recent years, Heilongjiang Qiqihar has made significant strides in its revitalization efforts, successfully incorporating innovative elements into traditional industries and leading economic development in emerging sectors. The city’s focus on high-quality development has stimulated strong momentum and fostered a conducive environment for the integrated development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries.

“Great Powers and Important Weapons” Compete for a New Track of High-Quality Development

CRRC Qiche Group Qiche Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable progress in their production cycle time. The time taken to produce a convertible has been reduced from 43 minutes to a mere 30 minutes. Wang Hongye, deputy director of the Lean Digital Office of CRRC Qiche Group Qiche Company, attributes this achievement to the station-based production model implemented by the company. As of September 29, the company has successfully delivered 4,741 C70E gondolas and X70 flat cars, surpassing their third-quarter production plan targets.

China First Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. has also experienced substantial growth, with their order volume more than doubling compared to the previous year. To capitalize on this increased demand, the company is continuously adjusting its technology and indicators to gain a larger market share.

Qiqihar City’s wind power industry has flourished in recent years, driven by its focus on the “double carbon” goal and the abundance of wind resources. China Yizhong Longshen (Qiqihar) Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is currently producing a batch of 89-meter-long wind power blades to support a 300,000-kilowatt wind power project in Longjiang County. The company’s blade production capacity has reached approximately 100 blades per month.

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Industry Leads a New Path for Rural Revitalization

Qiqihar’s agricultural sector has undergone significant transformations, leading to increased incomes for local farmers. Jianming Village in Yi’an County signed an order planting contract for 835 acres of fresh corn with North Latitude 47 (Yian County) Green Organic Food Co., Ltd., resulting in higher profits for farmers. In Xili Village, Halahai Township, the appeal of raising Longjiang Wagyu cows has become evident, as the net income from raising these cows is significantly higher compared to ordinary cattle. Longjiang Yuansheng Food Co., Ltd. has played a vital role in the success of Longjiang Wagyu, with the company breeding a large number of purebred and improved Wagyu cattle.

Qiqihar City has strategically capitalized on its resource advantages and fostered the development of agriculture with an industrialization mindset. This approach has resulted in the creation of integrated whole industrial chains, such as “grain-food,” “grain-medicine,” “meat-food,” and “milk-milk,” significantly increasing farmers’ income and overall prosperity.

“BBQ + Tourism” Lights up the New Business Card of Urban Transformation

Qiqihar’s natural landscapes, such as the Zhalong National Nature Reserve, have attracted a growing number of tourists. The city’s rural areas have been optimized to provide tourists with a unique and authentic experience. Additionally, Qiqihar’s barbecue industry has gained prominence, and the city was awarded the title of “International (Barbecue) Food City” by the World Chinese Catering Industry Federation. The combination of barbecue, crane watching, and other activities has become a popular tourist route, contributing significantly to the city’s tourism revenue.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, Qiqihar received 3.49 million tourists, marking a substantial increase of 75.9% compared to the previous year. The tourism revenue also experienced a significant boost, reaching 1.62 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 81.3%.

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Qiqihar’s comprehensive revitalization efforts have placed the city on a new trajectory of economic growth and development. With a focus on innovation, industry, and tourism, Qiqihar continues to write a compelling chapter in its ongoing transformation.

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