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Inps: the news on parental leave will start from 13 August

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The new regulations on parental leave come into force from 13 August. In particular, mandatory paternity leave is introduced, which replaces the father’s mandatory leave and the father’s optional leave.

This measure allows the working father to take advantage of a period of leave of 10 working days, (which cannot be divided into hours and can also be used on a non-continuous basis) and independent from that of the mother.

In the case of multiple births, the duration of the leave is increased to 20 working days. The leave also applies to the adoptive or foster father. For the days of mandatory paternity leave, a daily allowance equal to 100 per cent of the salary is recognized. The new compulsory paternity leave can be taken from two months before the presumed date of birth up to 5 months after the birth of the child and in case of perinatal death of the child. As the INPS reminds, self-employed women are granted a daily allowance also for the periods prior to two months before childbirth, in the case of serious complications of pregnancy or persistent morbid forms that are presumed to be aggravated by the state of pregnancy, on the based on medical tests carried out by an ASL doctor.

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