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Integrae Sim: IPO record on Euronext Growth Milan

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Integrae Sim: IPO record on Euronext Growth Milan

Integrae Sim: IPO record on Euronext Growth Milan

In the first 8 months of 2023, the all-time high of Ipo for the Euronext Growth Milan list con 22 operations in capital increase, even 8 in August. In this context of growth, Integrae SIM accompanied 8 companies to the Stock Exchange, consolidating its leadership in the role of Euronext Growth Advisor (EGA) and Global Coordinator. Since the existence of the price list dedicated to SMEs with high growth potential, 89 transactions have been successfully concluded by the professionals of the Milanese SIM.

Luigi Giannotta, general manager of Integrae SIM said: “The milestone achieved in the first 8 months of 2023 leads us to say that not only is the pandemic behind us but a gear has been set that could bring us closer to a new annual historical record in quotation terms. Considering our pipeline alone, in 2023 we could exceed 30 IPOs on EGM. A truly effervescent context that has no equal in Europe among the lists focused on SMEs. Amazing considering that we are in a phase of great uncertainty in the geopolitical context, with the cost of money at its highest level since the bursting of the financial bubble, rising inflation and strong signs of a recession. Entrepreneurs have great faith in the stock exchange as a tool to accelerate their growth. On the other hand, we must detect a low level of investor participation but we are confident that they will soon return to the market also thanks to the Government’s commitment to promoting a package of measures to encourage the channeling of private savings towards listed SMEs”.

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The quotations focus on the green sector

Integrae SIM assisted the first debutante of 2023, Deodato.Galleryoperating in the contemporary art market, with a main focus on the street art and pop art segment, and the last listing for the month of August, i.e. E-Globe active since 2009 in Italy in the value-added resale and marketing of air conditioning products, boilers and biomass, renewable energy, services and accessories, with particular attention to “green economy” products.

During the year, the EGM list saw the presence of companies active in the tech and green economy industry grow further, among these AATech, Green Oleo and Pasquarelli Auto. The first is an innovative tech builder, who identifies and supports the development of new technologies in the fintech and energy transition markets, the second one of the main European producers of fine oleochemicals from renewable sources and finally Pasquarelli Auto, a mobility provider, active in the trade in new and used cars and commercial vehicles, in short, medium and long-term rental.

Collection record of an operation

For Integrae SIM, 2023 was also the year of the record in terms of deposits in a single operation: Reway Groupspecialized in the maintenance and rehabilitation of road and motorway infrastructures, with a technologically advanced fleet of vehicles capable of supervising all the activities connected to the chain of infrastructure restoration (bridges, viaducts and tunnels), raised 20 million euro.

Among the driving sectors of the Italian economy, design and tourism could not be missing from the portfolio of opportunities offered by Integrae SIM to investors during 2023: Arras Group technological company for real estate development of second homes, mainly in Sardinia ed iVision Techa reality of excellence in «Made in Italy» manufacturing active in the design and production of eyeglasses and sunglasses frames.

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SMEs climbed by an average of 10%

It should also be noted that the new freshmen achieved a weighted average performance by capitalisation, by +10.5%, compared to -4% of the FTSE Italia Growth index. And among the top 5 top performers, 3 are companies listed by Integrae SIM; respectively iVision Tech, +42.6%, AATech +41% and Reway Group +35.2%, compared to the IPO price.

In conclusion according to Giannotta: “To further increase the EGM market there is a need to encourage new companies to list, but it is even more necessary to promote the participation of institutional and professional investors. For this reason we hope that the forthcoming budget law will contain new rules to direct Italian savings towards the domestic economy and channel resources to businesses. A contribution could also come from a public investment (through the involvement of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Invitalia) with the establishment of a “Fund of Funds” for investments in listed SMEs. A greater involvement of social security institutions would also be desirable, and the overcoming of the uniqueness of Individual Savings Plans (PIR)”.

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