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Intellera lands in Salerno and hires 180 talents in a new cybersecurity center

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Intellera lands in Salerno and hires 180 talents in a new cybersecurity center

For 180 young graduates and undergraduates of the University of Salerno, the way is opening for a future to work on IT security, an issue that has become increasingly important for companies with digitalization. Leading the way is Intellera consulting, in collaboration with PwC, which has decided to strengthen itself on cybersecurity and to open a dedicated center within the University of Salerno which will find its headquarters in the ancient “ex-Immaculate Conception” Monastery. Here the 180 young people will work side by side with Intellera professionals on national and international programs in the field of Digital Transformation, Data Science, Research and Innovation, with a specific focus on Cybersecurity within the “The Nest” project.

To tell the centrality of IT security, both in companies and in the Public Administration, are, among others, the data of the Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, according to which in 2021 the market reached 1.55 billion euros, an increase of 13 % compared to 2020, with 60% of large organizations expecting cybersecurity budget increases. For Intellera, cybersecurity is the most recent investment area and records the strongest acceleration, with a supervision of competence employing 50 consultants, and a 50% increase in hiring in the first year alone. A reinforcement determined in particular by the award of a tender for an IT security consortium, of which Intellera is the leader. Today, for the company, cybersecurity is worth around 2 million euros in turnover, but the goal is to quadruple revenues from this area, up to over 8 million euros by the end of the year, with prospects for great expansion in the coming months. , to meet the needs of the market and the IT security and data protection requests of PA and companies.

The growing importance of cybersecurity also emerges from the birth of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) and from the fact that the NRR foresees investments of 623 million euros in its various missions to be allocated to cybersecurity safeguards and skills in the PA, as well as funds to research and create partnerships on innovative topics, including cyber security. And precisely in the area of ​​Pnrr, the University of Salerno is the leader of a national program on Cybersecurity. The area in which the collaboration will develop is the project “The Nest – Enable growth by investing in talents”, created by Intellera Consulting in collaboration with PwC which provides for the activation of curricular and extra-curricular internships and professionalizing apprenticeship contracts with the possibility of permanent employment for graduates and those enrolled in degree courses at the University of Salerno.
For the Rector of the University of Salerno Vincenzo Loia it is “a great growth opportunity for our young people”, while Giancarlo Senatore, managing director of Intellera Consulting, describes the project as “a bridge between the university world and work for the training and qualified integration of young talents, who have the opportunity to work on national and international projects. And also for those who want to return to work in the South ».

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