Home Business Intensive research by institutions on the net interest margin of small and medium-sized banks in Jiangsu and Zhejiang attracts attention_ Oriental Fortune Net

Intensive research by institutions on the net interest margin of small and medium-sized banks in Jiangsu and Zhejiang attracts attention_ Oriental Fortune Net

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According to the data, as of May 23, a total of 20 listed companies have been listed since the beginning of this year.bankgetInstitutional research,participateresearchThe total number of institutions reached 1940 times.From the survey content, the epidemic hasbankIssues such as the impact of operations, trends in net interest margins, and real estate business risks have attracted institutional attention.

  Intensive investigation of institutions in Jiangsu and Zhejiang middle and small schoolsbank

Judging from the frequency of surveys, this year,Bank of NingboA total of 7 institutional surveys were obtained, with 326 participating institutions, becoming the listed bank most concerned by institutions;Hangzhou BankChangshu BankZhangjiagang BankFollowed by 280, 279 and 250 institutions respectively;Bank of SuzhouJiangyin BankSunon BankBank of WuxiAll have been surveyed by more than 100 institutions.

Since the second quarter,Bank of NingboA total of 2 surveys were conducted, with 297 participating institutions;Zhangjiagang BankChangshu BankBank of SuzhouJiangyin BankThey were investigated by 166, 147, 146 and 132 institutions respectively.

Combing the first quarter reports of several banks that have received the most attention from institutions, it is found that the above-mentioned banks maintained high growth in revenue and profit in the first quarter, while the overallcreditThe growth rate continued its strong performance. in,Hangzhou Bankthe first quarternet profitThe growth rate exceeds 30%,Zhangjiagang BankChangshu BankBank of NingboBank of WuxiJiangyin BankBank of SuzhouThe growth rate of net profit in the first quarter exceeded 20%.

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  Issues such as net interest margin are concerned

Judging from the survey content, the focus of institutions on listed banks is mainly focused on whether the local epidemic affects bank operations, net interest margin trends, real estate business risks and other issues.

Talking about the impact of the epidemic, Bank of Suzhou said that while actively meeting customers’ demand for deferred repayment of principal and interest, the bank strengthened its response to epidemic risks, prevented the risk of deferred loan repayment, and continued to monitor and evaluate. At this stage, the bank’s overall loans in related industries that are more vulnerable to the impact of the epidemic account for a small proportion, and the overall risk is controllable.

Jiangyin Bank said that on the one hand, the bank proactively strengthened risk investigation, strengthened risk monitoring, discovered and resolved potential risks in a timely manner, and prevented risks in new business areas; on the other hand, it strictly implemented loan risk classification standards, fully exposed risks, and solidified credit assets. quality.

In terms of the trend of net interest margin, Changshu Bank said that due to the seasonal factors of loans, in the first quarternew loanThe proportion of corporate loans in China is relatively large, and the change in loan structure has led to a downward trend in the yield on the loan side. From the perspective of the whole year, the bank will further optimize the loan structure, increase the proportion of personal loans, personal business loans, and credit guarantee loans, while stabilizing the cost of deposits.

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In addition, the real estate business has also attracted attention.Hangzhou BankSaid that on the whole, the asset quality of the bank’s real estate business is relatively good. Except for some loans that have been classified as non-performing at present, the repayment of principal and interest of the rest of the real estate loans are normal.

In the risk management of real estate business, Hangzhou Bank hasreal estate developmentThe financing business is managed by the customer list system. At present, nearly 90% of the bank’s real estate loans are invested in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, all of which have corresponding projects or are guaranteed by mortgages such as land and real estate. At the same time, the bank strengthened the management of key links such as access management, centralized approval, process control, capital expenditure, and value coverage, and steadily reduced the concentration of real estate business.

(Article source: Chinasecuritiesnewspaper)

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