Home Business Intermonte runs towards Piazza Affari: offer will start tomorrow, the price range has been decided

Intermonte runs towards Piazza Affari: offer will start tomorrow, the price range has been decided

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Intermonte Partners SIM, the controlling holding of Intermonte SIM, will start tomorrow with the offer of its shares functional to the admission to trading of its shares on the AIM Italia market of the Italian Stock Exchange. The independent investment bank specializing in institutional brokerage, research, capital markets, M&A and advisory on the Italian market today presented the Pre-Admission Notice to Borsa Italiana.

The listing project envisages the institutional placement of a total maximum of no. 13,750,000 ordinary shares, which will be offered by over 60 Intermonte shareholders, divided between 13,062,500 shares for sale, 687,500 additional shares, corresponding to approximately 5.3% of the Shares for Sale and subject to the Greenshoe option, offered by some Intermonte shareholders in favor of the Global Coordinator. The shares put up for sale, including those subject to the Greenshoe option, total 42.8% of the shares in circulation and therefore net of treasury shares held (or 38% of the entire share capital represented by 36,195,500 ordinary shares).

The indicative price range of Intermonte shares has been set between a minimum price of 2.60 euros and a maximum price of 2.90 euros per share, corresponding to an overall market capitalization of the company, net of treasury shares, including between approximately 83.6 million on the basis of the minimum price and approximately 93.2 million on the basis of the maximum price (the range, including treasury shares, corresponds to an overall capitalization between approximately 94.1 million and approximately 105 million). The book building period will start on Wednesday 6 October.

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