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Introducing the New Grand Tasty BBQ Bacon Burger at McDonald’s

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Introducing the New Grand Tasty BBQ Bacon Burger at McDonald’s

New McDonald’s Burger: Grand Tasty BBQ Bacon Arrives at the Fast-Food Chain

Starting this Tuesday, February 20, a new burger arrived at McDonald’s. This new member of the brand’s menu was presented on its official portal and on social networks. The marketing that McDonald’s handles about this new hamburger is for consumers to enjoy this delicious dish with different products.

The new member is called Grand Tasty BBQ Bacon, and its ingredients include Meat, BBQ Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion.

The Grand Tasty BBQ burger began selling on February 20 and the last day to try it will be December 31, 2024. If you want to order this burger or learn more about McDonald’s products, click here.

In terms of data, the fast food market, one of the favorite brands found in the market, is the fast food firm McDonald’s, which according to data from its annual report, the quick service giant recorded, in 2020, the number of restaurants in the USA reached 13.6 thousand. The data reveal that in Europe, France, including Monaco, ranked first, with almost 1,500 units; meanwhile, China had the largest number of McDonald’s restaurants in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. By 2020, McDonald’s Mexico already had nearly 400 restaurants and employed more than 10,000 people directly.

In terms of employees, according to the job matching platform Indeed, an average employee at McDonald’s has a weekly salary of 900 pesos per week as a Maintenance Assistant, while a manager can earn up to 2,739 per week.

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