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Inventory 6.18 TOP10 good things worth starting, really happy APP 40 eggs are only 28.8_TOM News

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Inventory 6.18 TOP10 good things worth starting, really happy APP 40 eggs are only 28.8_TOM News

Young people’s 6.18, of course, to buy a great value for money! Big-name home appliances, exquisite digital, daily necessities, Internet celebrity snacks, how to buy scientifically and cost-effectively? If you want to shop without stepping on the pit, rely on the platform to help! During the “True Value 6.18” event of the True Happiness APP, the prices are really low if you don’t play routines, and 16 major venues and 12 categories will be launched to help you not be confused in mid-year shopping, and easily prepare your favorite things!

6.18 Great promotion discounts and benefits at a glance

From June 1st to 20th, Gome officially launched a big promotion with the theme of “True Value 6.18 Tesco Summer”. 16 major venues competed for beauty, 12 major categories brought benefit subsidies, and every 200 yuan of popular products was over. 35% off, 30% off when you spend 299 or more, buy 1 get 1 free on hot-selling items, and get 100 off when you spend over 199 on some products across the store, and many other special events will appear in turn, with ultra-low prices and high quality on the whole network, for you No routine, really happy, really cheap Tesco experience for the whole family.

The categories of this event cover 12 major categories such as high-quality home appliances, trendy 3C, snack foods, and famous Chinese and foreign wines, and each category has popular welfare products. Among them, from June 1st to 5th, the True Happy APP will focus on launching a number of promotional activities on a daily basis: Carnival Spike Day, Super Value Family Day, 10,000 Store Carnival Day, Super Value Explosion Day and Super Value Member Day. Compared with the low price of the whole network, it will give back to consumers. The main venue of the event is really 50% off on good products, hot selling products, super value models, life services, 99 members and other colorful sections, setting off a low price frenzy.

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  Inventory 6.18 TOP10 good things worth starting, really happy APP 40 eggs are only 28.8

Good goods really 50% off the beautiful multi-function wall breaker straight down 400

Enter the 50% off the good goods area, all kinds of half-price products are clear at a glance, 50% off big-name home appliances, 50% off 10,000 people group, and buy one get one free area, spend one money to easily unlock double happiness, each piece is super value, close your eyes Accessible.

In terms of small appliances, Midea’s multi-functional wall breaker can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used to make soy milk and juice in summer or to make complementary food for babies. The original price is 799 yuan, and it has dropped by 400 yuan. With only 399 yuan, you can easily become a chef. Chigo 1.5L electric kettle, the original price is 69.9 yuan, and the activity price is only 34.9 yuan.

How to choose good things at home? It is easy to sweat in summer, and the consumption of paper towels is UP! Gome Zhenxuan baby wipes, alcohol-free, formaldehyde-free, fluorescent agent-free, food-grade skin-friendly formula, can be used to wipe your butt and your mouth. A pack of original price 14.9 yuan, straight down 8 yuan, 6.9 yuan for enjoyment; good fitness companion, Gome really chooses cordless wire skipping, smart counting, weight-bearing fat burning, the original price is 79.9 yuan, and the snap-up price is only 39.9 yuan, helping you jump out of summer figure.

  Inventory 6.18 TOP10 good things worth starting, really happy APP 40 eggs are only 28.8

Hot selling explosives can’t stop grabbing Apple, vivo and other big-name mobile phones at low prices and fast delivery

The annual 6.18 promotion is also the peak period for the renewal of high-value products such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and mobile phones. The hot-selling hot product area gathers many large home appliances and exquisite digital goodies. The iPhone 13 is charming at midnight, and the 128G is only 5199 yuan, which is cheaper to trade in. The vivo mobile phone X80 series adopts Zeiss optical lens and Dimensity 9000 flagship chip, which makes the photos look better. The operation is super powerful, and the 8G+128G large-capacity snap-up price is only 3999 yuan. The most important thing is that the Shangzhen Happy APP, mobile phone digital and other good things can be bought and enjoyed immediately, and the order can be delivered to your home as soon as half an hour.

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In addition, a new energy-efficiency inverter air conditioner from Gome, the cool artifact in summer, can quickly cool down in 30s, and you can enjoy the coolness. The price is only 1699 yuan. Buying air conditioners can also enjoy high-quality services such as “flash shop delivery” and integrated delivery and installation, as well as “ten free air conditioners” services such as free installation, free drilling, and free fluoridation, so that you can worry about after-sales.

  Inventory 6.18 TOP10 good things worth starting, really happy APP 40 eggs are only 28.8

Super-value explosion models superimposed with large allowances for 40 local eggs for only 28.8

In the super-value hot style area, the products are not only guaranteed in quality, but also at good prices. In addition, they also enjoy extra large subsidies. The audience can get a discount of 300 yuan, and they can also add a super discount of 35 yuan when they are over 200.

6.18 In addition to buying large items, you can also save a lot of money by buying the right food, drink, and entertainment. This Gome Zhenxuan Jilin Rice in Northeast China is the high-quality rice selected by the Zhenxuan team who went to Wanchang, Jilin for inspection. Because of its high taste value, it has been ranked in the top 1 in rice sales since its launch, with a 5kg*2 pack. In 2021, the original price of new rice is 119.9 yuan, and you can receive a 30 yuan subsidy coupon, which is only 89.9 yuan. If you buy 4 bags, you can stack up to 200 and get a 35 yuan discount coupon, which is more affordable.

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Qi Nong Youshi Shandong net-patterned melon is soft, waxy, sweet, delicate and refreshing. The original price of 5 jin is 31.9 yuan, with a coupon of 12 yuan full discount, 19.9 yuan for 5 jin and free delivery to home; in addition, it is a good food for national nutrition supplements, 40 pieces of free-range fresh food from farmers Eggs are only 28.8 yuan. Entering the super-value explosion venue, you can buy more food, drink and entertainment at one time.

  Inventory 6.18 TOP10 good things worth starting, really happy APP 40 eggs are only 28.8

Now, the true value 6.18 promotion is in full swing. Gome, as always, with the concept of “true value, dare to compare”, provides consumers with really low-cost, really favorable quality goods, helping everyone to shop for a summer. During the event, there will be surprises and good things on the APP every day. The categories are complete, the quality is worth the price, and the price is dare to compare. The whole network has tested and used the popular items, don’t miss it!


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