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Invest together to investigate these individual stocks, and the leader of industrial robots is favored!The electrical equipment sector also received attention

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(Original title: Latest! Invest in these individual stocks together, leading industrial robots are favored! The electrical equipment sector is also concerned)

In the last month of 2022, despite the freezing weather, the pace of institutional research has not stopped.

Wind data shows that in December 2022, more than 400 listed companies will be investigated by institutional investors. Among them, Estun, the leader in industrial robots, will attract the largest number of institutions. In addition, individual stocks related to electrical equipment such as Tongfei, Kede CNC, Yingjie Electric, and Nanwang Technology have also received a lot of attention.

In terms of stock gains in the month, the electrical equipment stocks that performed more prominently were Traffic Control Technology, Ankerui, Songsheng, etc.

The leader of industrial robots climbed to the top of the research throne in December

In December 2022 alone, Estun, the leader in industrial robots, conducted more than ten surveys on specific objects, making it one of the stocks that communicated most closely with investors during the month. Among them, some activities at most attracted nearly a hundred institutions to participate, which can be seen from the institutions’ attention to the company.

A total of 369 institutions participated in the survey, the most in December 2022. Among them, there are 48 securities companies, 93 fund companies, 19 insurance and insurance companies, 75 investment institutions, and 134 other types of institutions. Participating institutions include Huaan Securities, BOCI Securities, China Europe Fund, Tianhong Fund, Cathay Pacific Fund, Dacheng Fund, Agricultural Bank of China Life Insurance, Juming Investment, Fidelity, Millennium Fund, etc.

It is understood that Estun covers the entire industrial chain from automation core components and motion control systems, industrial robots to robot integration applications. The business is mainly divided into two core business modules: one is automation core components and motion control systems; the other is automation core components and motion control systems; Industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing systems.

The focus of the organization is mainly on the prospect of the robot industry and the future development plan. For example, some investors are concerned about how the company views the unsatisfactory profitability of the robotics industry and how to view the launch of ABB’s super factory in Shanghai; some investors are also concerned about the degree of localization of the company’s core components and whether there are plans for overseas mergers and acquisitions in the future wait.

When asked what the company thinks about the launch of ABB’s super factory in Shanghai, Eston said that the investment in ABB’s robot factory is one of the specific cases where many robot manufacturers are expanding production capacity, and it also shows that the future development prospects of China’s robot industry are optimistic. The layout of production capacity is generally ahead of the layout of the market. The Chinese market has become the most important and largest market for robots in the world. There are many market opportunities and fierce competition. With the increase in R&D technology investment and the improvement of product performance and quality, the market application of domestic brand robots has continued to expand, and has now become an important force participating in global market competition.

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Electrical equipment stocks continue to be sought after

As multiple segments of the high-end manufacturing industry take off, the electrical equipment sector has attracted more and more attention from institutional investors. In December 2022 alone, many listed companies, such as industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturer Tongfei Co., Ltd., industrial master machine concept company Kede CNC, and automation equipment control company Yingjie Electric, have been investigated by institutions.

In December 2022, Tongfei received surveys from more than 200 institutions, including CICC, China Merchants Securities, China Asset Management, China Southern Asset Management, AIA, CPIC Life, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Neuberger and other well-known institutions .

The main business of Tongfei Co., Ltd. is the R&D, production and sales of industrial refrigeration equipment. It has mainly formed four categories of products: liquid constant temperature equipment, electrical box constant temperature device, pure water cooling unit and special heat exchanger. During the survey, the organization focused on the company’s expansion of the semiconductor business and new directions such as the development trend of liquid cooling products in the energy storage field.

In this regard, Tongfei shares said that relying on a number of independent intellectual property rights, the company has gradually expanded many well-known customers in the semiconductor industry. In addition, the company will further increase the market share of liquid cooling products in the energy storage field by improving control accuracy, product reliability, safety, and temperature uniformity.

In December 2022, Kede CNC received surveys from more than 200 institutions, including Guotai Junan Securities, Orient Securities, Wells Fargo Fund, Huabao Fund, Baoying Fund, Jinglin Assets, Star Rock Investment, BlackRock and other well-known institutions.

Kede CNC is engaged in the R&D and sales of high-end five-axis linkage CNC machine tools and their key functional components, and high-end CNC systems. The agency mainly focuses on the new hot spots brought by popular tracks to the industry, as well as the support of domestic brands from the downstream of the industry.

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Kede CNC said that the rise of new energy vehicles has brought new processing hotspots to the five-axis machine tool industry. In response to the processing needs of parts in the new energy field, the company’s dual-spindle high-speed horizontal processing equipment can meet the manufacturing and processing needs of the integrated motor and reducer shell after process verification. For industries that use imported five-axis equipment in large quantities, especially military state-owned enterprises, the company can achieve import substitution. From the perspective of national policy and military industry demand, the country is very supportive of the development of domestic high-end equipment suppliers.

Yingjie Electric has been investigated by more than 100 professional institutions, including China Securities, Orient Securities Asset Management, E Fund, Penghua Fund, Invesco Great Wall Fund, Jinglin Assets, Danshuiquan, Castle Company and other institutions.

The main products of Yingjie Electric are industrial automation control equipment represented by power control system devices, which are widely used in many popular tracks of new energy and new materials, involving photovoltaics, semiconductors, energy storage, etc., so they have long been concerned by institutions. Investors focus on the development of the company’s business in the above hot tracks, as well as the company’s outlook for future business.

Yingjie Electric said that from the perspective of the situation in 2022, the company’s new orders will still maintain the growth trend of the entire industry. From the perspective of the third quarterly report, the sales revenue growth ratio of semiconductors and charging piles is relatively fast, which is based on the previous situation. The result of the rapid growth in orders from both industries. The company has launched a refinancing project, hoping that the charging pile business will have an ideal growth rate in 2023. The photovoltaic industry has grown rapidly in the past two years. It is difficult to judge whether it can maintain it in 2023, and it still has to be determined according to the market trend in the later period.

Significant stock gains for the month

It is worth noting that among the more than 20 electrical equipment stocks surveyed in December 2022, some stocks rose considerably that month, closing with a gain of over 10%, while others recorded a decline of more than 10%.

Specifically, the largest increase in the range is Traffic Control Technology, which closed up 11.78% in December. The company specializes in the research and development of urban rail transit signaling systems, the development of key equipment, system integration and general contracting of signaling systems, and is a leading domestic manufacturer in the industry. Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Research Institute believes that Traffic Control Technology has broken the monopoly of overseas manufacturers on CBTC technology, exerted its technological innovation advantages to occupy the new line market, and expanded the application scope of CBTC technology from the construction of new urban rail lines to heavy-duty railways and existing In the line transformation market, multiple measures have been taken to maintain the company’s leading position in the rail transit signaling system industry.

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Ankerui, which also rose well in the range, closed up 5.84% in December. Ankerui is an integrator that provides users with power consumption data services. Its main products include power monitoring systems, power management systems, etc. CICC believes that under the background of multiple factors such as increased requirements for power supply safety and reliability, power market reform, stricter energy consumption management, and complex energy consumption forms, corporate microgrids are expected to usher in accelerated development. Ankerui is deeply involved in the user-side microgrid market, and is expected to accelerate its breakthrough.

Plant lighting concept stock Songsheng shares also performed well, closing up 5.83% during December. The high-power LED lighting products produced by the company are mainly used in large-scale outdoor LED lighting facilities such as urban roads and bridges and expressways, as well as LED industrial lighting facilities such as industrial plants, and are expanding into emerging application fields such as plant lighting. According to the Zhongtai Securities Research Institute, according to the statistics of Frost & Sullivan, it is expected that the compound annual growth rate of LED plant lighting equipment in the future will be about 34.0% from 2020 to 2024. Songsheng Co., Ltd. proactively carried out the research and development layout of LED drive power products for plant lighting in 2018, and independently mastered many core technologies such as constant power drive technology, multi-functional dimming technology, lightning surge suppression technology, and programmable technology for LED drive power supplies. Technology, with strong advantages in research and development, product quality certification, manufacturing, and customer resources.

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