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“Investments for the transition are starting with more difficulties for small businesses”

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Francesca Nieddu is the Veneto East and Friuli Venezia Giulia regional director of Intesa Sanpaolo.

How widespread is digitalization in companies from your observatory?
From a recent study by Intesa Sanpaolo, which investigated the issue of digitalization of manufacturing companies, a better Italian positioning emerges compared to other European countries in the integration of production processes and in the diffusion of the 4.0 paradigm. If in comparison with the countries of the Euro Area, our delay in intangible investments and ICT persists, the gap is almost completely reduced when we consider the ratio of investments in ICT alone to GDP.».

E with reference to the Triveneto where Intesa Sanpaolo has a deep-rooted and widespread presence?
Analyzing the manufacturing of the Triveneto, net of micro enterprises, there is a high diffusion of investments in digital technologies in the three-year period 2016-2018 (source Istat): 62% of manufacturing companies have made investments against 59% nationally, and Bolzano stands out in first place with an incidence of 67% of companies with investments. However, there remains a large dimensional gap between companies with at least one investment in digital technologies, which attests to the difficulty of the smaller ones. Let’s see how digitization is in first place among investment intentions and that one in 10 companies has already planned digital investments related to the production process in 2021 ».

So companies have understood how important the digital transition is. How do you support them?
«The digital transition and attention to sustainability are essential for the growth of our companies. Intesa Sanpaolo has all the tools necessary to support companies in the stages of their development and for this reason it is essential that an even more transparent and trusting relationship be established between the bank and the company. In fact, credit assessment is increasingly based on qualitative aspects that have an important impact on the definition of the rating. Good business practices must absolutely be valued, also from our point of view».

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Which areas are you focusing on to make the area grow?
“The Pnrr represents an extraordinary opportunity to relaunch the country and Intesa Sanpaolo at this stage wants to be an accelerator of growth, favoring all the preparatory investments for the plan. growth. In addition to digitization, it will be essential to focus on sustainability and human capital. This is the main challenge that awaits our production fabric and will require significant investments and new skills. And in this we are alongside companies also with medium-long term loans called s-Loans, which go alongside the circular ceiling, to accompany the efforts of companies in the direction of greater sustainability from an ESG profile. Without forgetting that the Triveneto is an important manufacturing reality that must be supported and pushed, also in an international key.e».

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