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Investors should take a look at these ETFs

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Investors should take a look at these ETFs

When investing in the defense industry, coverage through an ETF is actually a good idea. It’s just that the established indices are currently not covered. Investors have two ETFs to choose from: The VanEck Defense ETF (ISIN: IE000YYE6WK5) and the HANetf Future of Defense ETF (ISIN: IE000OJ5TQP4). Both niche products. The VanEck ETF tracks the MarketVector™ Global Defense Industry Index, which has been around for just three years. HANetf’s fund relies on the EQM NATO+ Future of Defense Index, which is only one year old. However, this index has the attractive feature of only focusing on companies with sales from NATO and NATO-friendly countries. Investors are still betting on armaments, but with a little more morality than usual.

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