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iOS 16 Beta 5 hints at easier firmware updates for AirPods wireless earphones

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iOS 16 Beta 5 hints at easier firmware updates for AirPods wireless earphones

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Apple’s process for updating the firmware of the AirPods wireless earphones has been a mystery. With the release of iOS 16 Beta 5 this week, Apple has made small changes to the Settings app that could mean users can finally at least check out new feature details about the AirPods firmware…

Users can always check the AirPods firmware version in the Settings app by navigating to the Bluetooth menu and tapping AirPods in the accessories list.

As first spotted by a Reddit user, users can now go a step further and click on the firmware version itself. When you tap on the firmware version, you’ll see the software version your AirPods are running, as well as the current firmware version of the AirPods charging case.

Users can also find this information by tapping the AirPods’ new top-level menu in the Settings app, rather than going directly to the Bluetooth menu.

Below this information,There is also a new explanation: “Firmware details are available at support.apple.com” with a hyperlink.For now, clicking on this link does not jump to access, because there is actually no relevant article published on the Apple support site.

Ideally, this means that when Apple releases a new AirPods firmware update in the future, users will be able to click the link to view the release notes. For now, Apple has never released release notes for the AirPods update. Reddit users speculate that this may be similar to the release notes that Apple brought to AirTag.

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Finally, it could also mean that Apple is preparing a way for users to manually update the AirPods to a new firmware version. Currently, when the user’s AirPods are placed in the box and close to the iPhone, the AirPods are automatically updated in the background, but the triggering time is not necessarily timely.

It’s still a small change, but it could be a sign that Apple is improving the AirPods software update process and making it clear to users what’s new with each firmware update.

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