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iPad 9 was leaked in advance: the screen has finally been upgraded-Apple iPad

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Tonight (1 AM on the 15th), Apple is about to hold the iPhone 13 series conference called the Technology Spring Festival Gala. In addition to the new mobile phones, it was previously reported that AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad and other products are also expected to be unveiled. Near the press conference, some netizens exposed the appearance and related configuration information of the iPad 9 in advance.It shows that the machine as a whole still adopts the same design for thousands of years. The core is equipped with the A12 chip a few years ago, the rear camera is an 8-megapixel single-shot, the storage is increased by a 256GB large-capacity version, and it supports a keyboard and a stylus.


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It is worth noting that although the appearance of the iPad 9 has not changed this time, the screen scheme is different.Finally changed the 10.2-inch non-full-fit screen, which has been in use for several years, and replaced it with a 10.5-inch full-fit screen.This is very obvious for the visual improvement of the screen experience.

From the summary of the screen and chip parameters, some careful netizens found thatThis time, the iPad 9 seems to be surprisingly consistent with the iPad Air 3. The screen, appearance, chip, and storage are all exactly the same as the iPad Air 3.And this is also an important means for Apple to reduce costs over the years.

Combined with the current iPad product line, it can be found that the current product series have all been upgraded to a new appearance, and are equipped with a full-screen solution with four sides and equal width. The last upgraded iPad mini will also be available on the 6th generation model this year. Evolution, and as the iPad 9 that lowers the price, directly decentralizing the iPad Air 3 seems to be a very good marketing strategy, just like the iPhone SE.

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It is worth mentioning that the iPad digital series has always been introduced to the market as an entry-level product. Its biggest feature is to popularize the product at an ultra-low price. This time it is tantamount to reducing the price of the iPad Air 3. Good market, worth looking forward to.


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